[RELEASE/EVENT] Space2pace recordings first release/party. 140-150bpm jungle/dnb


Moster Sirphine
Space2pace recordings launches! 140-150bpm jungle/dnb.

First Bite EP avaible as 320kbps mp3s at http://www.dto4music.co.uk. (Direct link to the release)
Virb page and more audio can be found at http://www.virb.com/space2pace

"First Bite" EP S2P001.

Space 2 Pace passionately believes that for all the
relentless drive towards a false "future" over the past two decades of
UK Breakbeat music it is the ever increasing tempo of modern records
that has effectively handcuffed musicians and is stifling rhythmic
creativity - faster tempos mean less space to really take a drumbreak
somewhere it hasn't been taken in a while; complexity and subtlety
that works at 160 is lost at 180, badass breaks that got caned back in
the day are completely unusable if you're making a track at 180 - and
many people are! We want Space 2 Pace to be a platform for people to
revisit the - in our opinion no less than peerless - flow and groove
that can be achieved by slowing things down a notch and and playing
with the extra room that comes with the new territory. We're not about
pushing some bullshit agenda, nor are we necessarily about pushing
some fake-ass pseudo-old school sounds for geriatric bores who think
it was all better back in the day. We're all about pulling it back to 140
and seeing what happens next.

"First Bite EP" proudly presents you with two pieces - one each
from Gremino and Ricky Force - that both roll out somewhere in the
mid 150's in terms of their bpm but otherwise could not be more different.
Ricky Force's "Crave" is as rugged a piece of street level thuggery as
anyone has bothered to make in the last 15 years since tunes at this
tempo were the order of the day; a propulsive hardcore inflected Junglist
belter armed to the teeth with whistles, sirens, hip hop and ragga vocals,
shredded breaks, stabs, samples, four four breakdowns and a big (double)
barrel of attitude. Proving that the speed = energy correlation is no more
than a bare-faced lie this tune here has consistently been observed in
conditions to make rooms full of drunken people go absolutely fucking nuts.

Gremino's "Gallops" is a more rolling piece based on a driving four
four kick pattern; sparse percussion and tense strings are framed by a
cerebral, skeletal groove. Organs, reverb and foghorn bass complete
the picture, opening up into a mercilessly minimal percussive battery
that owes as much to dark dub inflected Drum and Bass as it does to
techno and hardcore, and that will definitely find fans in the
ever-growing fraternity of J-Tek heads. Some driving, rattling, hoods
up and heads down shit for certain, play this out loud where they can
hear it and you're telling people it's time to get serious...

There's also going to be a launch party in 13.3 at The Twisted Pepper, Dublin, Ireland.

Music ranging from Jungle, Techno, Dubstep and Experimental

140 - 160 bpm

OUTRAGE (J-Tek, Metalheadz)
MODULAR (J-Tek, Lab Logic)
RICKYFORCE (S2P, Reach, Ruff Revival)
NAPHTA (Bassbin, Lightless)
GREMINO (S2P, Finland)