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Nearly a year ago, Channel 4 played a short film about a supposed new dance craze in LA: Krumpin'.

The short film was directed by David LaChappelle and, after a misleadingly homespun first half, seizes the floor with some of the most impressively hyperkinetic street dancing I've seen.

The question is, was it all a set-up, or is krumpin' a genuine scene?


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was that the one where they all dressed up as clowns?
i remember not being sure if it was all an elaborate prank either
it seemed genuine,but there'd be the odd thing that didn't seem quite right


Bamber Clatscoigne
Yeah, it apparently started out as Clownin' and developed into Krumpin via Stripper Dancing, which is an even more hyperkinetic version of Butterfly.

Whatever the truth, the Krumpin' crew towards the end could certainly dance.

More info on a forthcoming film on the subject at
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