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Rachel Verinder

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You ought to read Francis Wheen's biography of Karl Marx - highly entertaining stuff which indeed confirms that back in the mid-19th century old Karl, Friedrich and poor Jenny were EXACTLY the Nathan, Dan and Claire of their time, romping around Highgate/Manchester/etc, going on the hunt and talking the talk while writing their colleagues' death warrants, always one step ahead of the bailiffs.

I never fail to be tickled by the attendant irony of '60s music insofar as you get chaps like Marmalade, the Tremeloes and Love Affair, all freshly togged out at Granny Takes A Trip and all sounding deeply, deeply conservative, whereas if you look at album sleeves for Ornette, Ayler, Cecil T, etc. they all have short back and sides and immaculately tailored suits and ties and their music still sounds as if it had been recorded five minutes ago.

As for me, I have been happily wearing tweeds, cravats and sensible jumpers since I was 16, and shall continue to do so!