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I wasn't aware that being an artist was a competition or something to be measured.

Well, to an extent it is.

But Gary Glitter will no doubt get less coverage when he dies because he has done less of artisitc merit and has had less impact on culture, not because he couldn't afford such good lawyers.

On Glitter - the daughter of a colleague of my father once worked backstage at a theatre in Cardiff. After every show Gary left a little present in his costume for the staff to clean up.


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i think it is possible that he was in fact INNOCENT of the paedophilia charges.

he strikes me as having been a sexless creature, forever preserved at the emotional age of 12

he seems to have wanted to be an eternal innocent, a forever child, which is why he continued playing on amusement park rides far beyond any "compensation" he may have gained for being denied silly games as a child (all work, no play)

i also think he was a fairly serious Jehovah's Witness, and very much a mama's boy

and maybe our society is so over-saturated with sex, sex, sex in all our assumptions, that we simply cannot fathom a pop star who was completely innocent of sex. a virgin pure and true

is it not possible?


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gosh now everything is weirder and more normal at the same time.
that video is extraordinarily odd even though its kinda goes along with the conventions of pop videos at the time.

it's amazing how many people misspell michael.

the ending is the weirdest. all that effort just to hug her?!


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enjoyed reading this -
though i dunno how chaka khans i feel for you is second to billie jean in terms of absolutely perfectly sonic soul sculpture or what the song takes from hip hop (in 82?) but still, good piece :slanted:

Great article, and def made me go back to Billie Jean in minute detail, though I wish he would make it more accessible for casual readers, especially given the universal interest of the subject matter. Seems wilfully perverse not to.

Actually, I like wilful perversity.


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the ending is the weirdest. all that effort just to hug her?!
The thing is him playing a role so badly, the shtick, whatever it's supposed to be, just doesn't ring true at all. I remember thinking that at the time, it's very obvious. I think it supports the view that he was a strange kind of innocent (noun).


Darned cockwombles.
But the song is amazingly funky. As is Beat It. He's got a strange voice, full of star presence and at the same time wonderfully anonymous as in a nameless "club anthem".