Do you listen to music while at work?

do you listen to music at work, or what?

  • Yes, loudspeaker - muzak / my boss' choice

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  • I don't work, I just speed...

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  • No - I am your girlfriend and I do not listen to music or piss about on the internet all day either.

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john eden

male pale and stale
Ok, this has always fascinated me, cos the last place I worked where we had music on was a cheese factory and it was Radio 1 chart pop all day long - and "Street Tuff" by the Rebel MC was in the charts!

There should be a poll with this... hold on...

john eden

male pale and stale
also be interested to know how it works if you are brocking out in your cubicle and you have to answer the phone... or if you have big rows with people over what music goes on.

Obviously not everyone works in an office, right?


When I worked at Parcelforce, they used to play Capital Radio 24/7, so I remember this nightmare roundabout of Natalie Imroglia(sp? bird off Neighbours), Lighthouse Family, U2, Robbie Williams, Texas, Natalie etc etc

I once changed it to XFM and the Prodigy came on, and everybody complained and laughed and said what a racket. But the weirdest thing - I used to talk to this world-weary 50-yr old Filipino bloke, married with kids, about industrial. He didn't believe me that any of these bands existed and would just laugh if I mentioned PTV, etc. One day, we just left the floor and went to his car, and I played him the entire "Erector" album by Whitehouse. Inevitably, he thought it was weird and kept on laughing as I was deadpanning that it's meant to be music to have sex to, but he did give it a chance.

Nowadays? Sorry, got coastguards tryna ring me, can't listen to anything, but there's several people here you wouldn't believe (and they say shipping journalism's boring!) - an ex member of an 80s anarcho punk band, a bloke whose dad used to manage Motorhead, an ex-"Brookside" actress and ,er, "The Phantom Wanker"

john eden

male pale and stale
martin said:
Inevitably, he thought it was weird and kept on laughing as I was deadpanning that it's meant to be music to have sex to, but he did give it a chance.

What - he had sex to it? :eek:

With you? :cool:


No, he was meant to take it back home to his wife, I thought it'd enhance his love life (yeah, right). He said the band had to be on drugs, there was no other explanation for the "music". I've just remembered something else, he once ate a dog biscuit that fell out of a package, maybe he wasn't that normal anyway

john eden

male pale and stale
Fuck me, it looks like Marc from Bassnation listens to music all day AND posts up wind ups on Uk-dance!

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
I don't normally listen to music during the day, cos I'm usually in a client office. For one thing, that means I'm usually mad busy and talking to people or disappearing into meetings every five minutes. I can't really "zone out" like all you noo meeja creatives.

When I'm working late into the night on my own I'll often play a mix through the laptop*. I got a complaint from someone on the other side of the office when I was playing the Kid Kameleon mix, didn't know she was there.

Dull technical point: the built in headphone socket on my acer laptop sounds really poor, so I just use the tinny little speakers...


I avoid using headphones - far too intense. I need some air between my music and my ears. Just been listening to your mix actualy John and very good it was too - Dancing in the office is sometimes frowned upon tho :D The bloke sitting opposite normaly plays Radio 6 (Dad) in the mornings which is fine cos I get the afternoons. I do know what I can get away with. If two people scream at the same time I know I've probably hit a nerve. I like to try different stuff out on em tho. Recently managed about 5 mins of Gavin Bryars Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet before the mutterings of ' I cant take this any more' started to drown it out. If somebody objects you lose your alloted time and it can become a bit of a freeforall. Recent cross desk battles have included the OPtimo whorehouse mix v Rush Radio (an online radio station solely dedicated to Rush). Decided its a volume thing tho. Pitch it right you can get away with most stuff. Pitch it wrong and that minimal techno mix 'll have your workmates braying for your blood.


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me and mohammed ali have the radio on unless we're both reading. i put it on rinse then he change it to kiss. then i change it back to rinse. then i try and find some 80s soul station. then he puts his walkman on.


Turd on the Run
About the only thing I can listen to while concentrating on something else is the most movement-less, drone fuelled ambient music I can find. Koner does the trick most of the time. If I'm feeling like I can concentrate a bit more easily then "Bush of Ghosts" is about as lively as it can get. Anything else and I start jumping around, frothing at the mouth.


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i am a high school computer science teacher. in certain classes, when everyone is working independently i allow the students to listen to music. it's usually reggaeton or hiphop. they are mystified at my knowledge of reggaeton (which, strangely, lead to a rumor that i am from spain!)


Headphones mostly - but only cos the sound through my PC's speakers is crap. The joys of 'working at home'. :D


i'm joking
Through loudspeaker - working at home is brilliant. I do design for books and find music makes the time go quicker and doesn't distract me.


I work part time in a stupid regional electronics store named Bennetts Electrical Warehouse. It's not a warehouse. It Has a warehouse in the back rooms (where I "work") but it's mostly show room. Customers don't mind the sound distorted grime coming from the tiny stereo. I sometimes stick on some dancehall but my co-workers get pissed off cuz they can't understand the lingo.

john eden

male pale and stale
Hmmm! Thanks for indulging me, people...

I guess the question to the music listening crew is - how important is it to you?

If you were offered a new job at slightly better pay, but you couldn't listen to music - would you take it?


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Well I listen to music at work on loudspeaker and sometime on headphones, and sometimes my bosses choice (well I'm one of the bosses) and sometimes co-workers, so the first 3 thanks. We have a wwwwinamp setup with about 40,000 mp3s to choose from. Friday seems to be the breaks / funk / hip hop / rhythmic day, Other days aren't as focussed.