The Future


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Only ebooks with those little tablet computer things, no real books, no newspapers. All creative output viewed (or listen to whilst viewing) an LCD screen with no physical value. The only things of value are new gadgets, electrical equipment, with tools you never realised you needed or wanted. People controlling sets with a wii mote because its retro. The majority of peoples brains gone to turd because you don't need to remember anything. No more Aids or Malaria. Cancer is an inconvienience. Internet gaming/networking sites considered a pandemic addiction.


i see it another way
all the electricity has run out and all of these devices let us down (we had to get rid of them before they got rid of us)
the entire 20th century becomes inaccessible as it rots in shiny slivers of useless plastic. we have no more use for 'gaming' as life takes on a more direct and urgent character, as we forage and grow we have no time to worry about the lost global communications infrastructure....


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Good cop, bad cop. luka's dad chewing you out, Craner's mum with the cocoa saying he didn't mean it.