Pop derived from Grime


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Was watching TOTP the other day with my parents the other day and sang along to "Pass Out" a bit :cool:



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Even Wretch's pop singles are better than Roll Deep...


You know it's bad when Ghetto's weed-carrier is making more dignified commercial records than most.


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Patrick Swayze

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so i guess pretty much all British pop music is derived from grime these days..

was round my mum's yesterday, and my 14 year old sister was listening to shitloads of Devlin (with acoustic guitar backing :confused:)

did Wiley go to number one again with this??

i suppose he must be making the kind of money he always used to spit bars about?

yeah he's got his own pie factory now


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lets go back a few years. Imagine a time when the only place you could hear this music was on Channel U.

'They' said is had no market
'They' said the kids just share this music via bluetooth
'They' said Urban music is better off in the states

Look how wrong 'they' were. Or, do we have Dizzee to thank?

Big wigs saw the money generated by Rascola and they wanted some.

Do you know how many fat white girls have been signed by majors recently, LOADS.