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    Pointless but it makes me go: "Wow, didn't know that."

    Is Edinburgh correct?
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    The other day I purchased a pair of beautiful white trousers. Now, most of the new items I buy seem to 'link up', as in; I've got a pair of shoes/shirt/tie that goes well with whatever I'm buying already. And I can see it in my minds eye. But I'm stumped, I'd planned to wear it with a navy...
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    Things You've Always Wanted To Know

    Bouncers I often turn my phone off to save battery (weird, I know), but what's confusing me is this: twice I have been into clubs and been searched, when extracting my phone, wallet and keys the bouncer looked through my wallet (nothing of interest), followed by asking me if I could turn my...
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    BAD PUNS: Breaking News, Lies, Gossip, etc

    Police have finally admitted they got it wrong in the shooting of Jean Charles de Menez. It was his naughty brother Dennis they were after. Sorry!
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    Culinary Mashups

    Deep fried Pizza are getting more and more regular in Scotland, I've yet to see deep fried Donna kebab pizza though.
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    rolling blogariddims thread

    I've just discovered this (where have I been?) - 40 is absolutely incredible. I'm looking forward to listening to the rest. :)
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    Yougov study taken @ 20th - 25th March 2008: Boris Johnson - 47% Ken Livingstone - 37% Brian Paddick - 10% Other - 5% It does look likely he's going to make it in.
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    wiz kalifa "say yeah" (corny techno related)

    On an aside, who did that terrible rap over Tomkraft's Loneliness a few years ago?
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    Teaching English, which qualification?

    I definitely think it's important to be in a good centre. The only time I've heard of preferences given of one over the other is if you went to somewhere that would place you with work on completion. That's not really a lot of help. Good luck, it's a pretty stressful month/5 weeks :)
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    Im In Ur Blogosphere

    Honestly? I found it hard to get past the otters. Why?
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    The Big Hello Thread

    Hello Hello, I'm just adding my name to the list. I've been hanging around for a while, and even making posts on post it notes and meaning to sign up and post them but I never got round to it. Oh well, here I am.