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    help me remember a children's short film

    It is indeed 'All Summer In A Day', based on a short story by SF writer Ray Bradbury. (Remember watching this in 6th grade- the prettiest girl in my class laid her head on my knee and sobbed salty tears into my jeans- it made a big impression on us all- :D) I've looked for it since then, but...
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    Richard Brautigan - any good?

    Compared to his other novels, the Abortion is much more stripped down and understated, just kind of quietly melancholic, whimsical and sometimes funny, but reading between the lines it's really a very emotional work... (BTW his spoken word record in 1968 ends with a five-second track where he...
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    Celestial, Behind A Note

    ... Looks good! :) (sorry the incoherent PM, misunderstood you at first and thought it was an online version of a book, therefore the query/questions about that- didn't mean to be rude or anything like that)
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    Indian influences in the reggae 'nuum

    Flamenco music originated with gypsies- who originally came from India... * (*Ignoring the arabic/north-african contribution here- it's a mix of many influences, but....anyway...)
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    The Romantic auteur-visionary artist

    There is no tabula rasa mind from which the genius spring from birth, fully formed... Never has been. The few artists who happen to achieve their full potential in the course of their working life (the so-called 'geniouses') have grown slowly, following a learning curve. And that learning curve...
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    what are you reading now?

    it makes more sense if you read it aloud... in an Irish accent :D
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    emo bashing in Mexico

    A bit off-topic, I know, but a recent swedish documentary on the rock scene in Mexico City mentioned how rock was so scorned by the music industry there that the entire population of Mexico were being drowned in commercial, mega-label pop music (rock having been banned until the late 1970's)...
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    Books I want for Christmas

    'The Discovery Of France' (don't recall the author). massive NicePrice'd hardcover tome- Recent edition w/nicely accessible account of the country covering its history all the way back from the paleolithic(!) age and -> today...
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    Freak Waves

    wow, that's *amazing*, Sufi! :cool: (where/what is it?)
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    misheard lyrics

    lest we forget, the immortal: "sweet Vagina's gone to China, cross-legged on the floor..." * From Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (* it's "Regina" really, but doesn't sound like it, Brian!)
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    Suggest a Book for the dissensus book club!

    I know "Hunger" is the book most people have read/wants to read by him, but especially "Pan" is well worth checking out if you can find it
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    Mental health and San Francisco

    For the homeless people, I do know that some sort of law forbids them to sleep on the street, saw a shocking documentary where police patrols routinely harassed and chased away homeless people from the sidewalk where they tried to get some rest at night... Horrible :( Even a mentally strong...
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    Colony Collapse Disorder

    could one explanation be the increased use of pesticides on the plants the bees pollinate? just a thought...
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    Misery for Robert at the loveecstacycrime blog?

    Shit... You okay, Robert? :( What a nightmare! Let us know what happens, take care eh? x
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    Science fiction recommendations

    "Aniara" by Harry Martinson: A loooong, epic science fiction poem(!) from the 1950's... Released as a novel. The spaceship crew's struggle through space as a symbol for humanity's quest- Or something... Beautiful. :)
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    Virginia Gun Massacre

    Oh, come on. Its wrong to "glorify" him in any way, IMO... It will only lend a false sense of legitimacy to his actions in the eyes of some people. Nothing can justify what he's done, no matter how much you suffer it's fucking not on to run around and kill people, ffs...
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    What's your homepage?

    I used to have G**gle as my startpage too, but switched after I noticed they sent a spyware tracker thingy after me, re-appearing even after I blocked it... It still pops up every time I log into a secure connection...
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    scandinavian synth-pop

    Hehe yeah you're right, I was overexaggerating and over-simplifying! :) mostly for the sake of convenience (people seem to prefer easy digestible fact-chunks over super-detailed, in-depth analyses) Of course the real picture is more nuanced... And, as others have pointed out, it's kind of...
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    Popular music in China

    Haven't Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten) just moved to Beijing? There must be loads of european expats/homegrown artist types around, but is there a "scene" there for that sort of stuff, I mean the Chinese authorities must be a bit wary/scared of the potential dissent inherent in...
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    scandinavian synth-pop

    - Greetings, Alfons! I like your character very much, you seen the Alfons Åberg TV series, right? :) As far as I've followed the scandi "scene", Swedish synth music seems a bit derivative and "indie"-goofy (fluffy, whimsical noodling), or else it's 80's synthcore survivors with a more...