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    House / Techno 2012

    Gessafelstein - Belgium Proper brain melter. Nobody done this in a while. VCMG remix Nice rave style switches... love that stark stab bit. So lovely.
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    Acid Electro Pop revival

    Hacker has had a couple of strong releases recently. From the Magical Voyage EP: Off the single on Zone... I still listen to the 'clash stuff and follow a lot of the artists. Now it's so dated it doesn't really date. Also it's still relevantish given that Valerie etc style French Touch has...
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    David Guetta - can someone explain?

    This is awful. And makes me chuckle. And crinkle in fear.
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    House / Techno 2012

    ^^ strong track huh? put onto this recently...
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    Gesaffelstein's new stuff is fierce. The Shockwave remix in particular is ridiculous: <object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="allowscriptaccess"...
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    2Pac hologram

    Necrophilia has never been more broadly appreciated. Yet again Kraftwerk ahead of their time with their robot performance...
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    Sucking Traffic to websites

    What kind of site is it?
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    Scary movie thread

    The Shining
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    global financial crash yay!

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    global financial crash yay!

    Couldn't resist...
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    House 2011

    Gesaffelstein Picks up the cold style where The Hacker left off...
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    House 2011

    Both these are great... kinda what I like at either end of the spectrum, deep but trippy and raw/simple.
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    global financial crash yay!

    Yerp there is a lot more paper gold/silver than actual bullion. Rickards on Chavez,_Barclays,_HSBC.html Libya has/had 100+ tons of gold but it is yet to be located.
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    Siriusmo - Mosaik All over the show but the great bits are great. Endlessly inventive.
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    House 2011

    can i squeeze siriusmo's 2010 "plasterer of love" ep into this thread? the guy is so creative. ranges from quite wonky to thoroughly lovely...
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    Nicky Minaj

    gotta say... i fell for her when i saw warning almost a shame her new stuff is so shiny
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    nicki minaj is great... so versatile. bit with the think break and the stabs reminds me of some uk rave tune c1990 but crossover, americanised, robo 2010 us rapper vs uk mc.
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    Acid House

    remember reading an interview with some OG acid fella who said it doesn't have to have 303 to be acid. contentious? i tend to agree. it's all in the accitude...
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    yep i'm with ya
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    diplo definitely connects with his audience. may not be for everyone and for sure you could make a case for musical colonialism... but he has done a lot to break various scenes around the world. i think it's fair to call him an innovator. the term bloghouse doesn't get a lot of love from me...