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  1. john eden

    Tales From a Disappearing City - Controlled Weirdness vidcast

    Great conversation between DJs Controlled Weirdness and Blackmass Plastics about London in the early 90s. Record shops, raves, radio and lots more. Some good bits on living in London vs Hemel Hempstead which resonated with me. Check it.
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    It's not something I would say...
  3. john eden

    My current frontrunners for top 100s

    Dormant, as am I!
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    Apparently a myth, but one happily repeated by the two blokes (David and Stuart Wise of King Mob / BM Blob).
  5. john eden


    From “Asger Jorn - The Crucial Years 1954-1964”
  6. john eden

    Keir Starmer

  7. john eden

    04.02.2023 unspecified unspecified unspecified at HUNDRED YEARS GALLERY

    I mean, I don’t even know what that is @wektor
  8. john eden

    What is Deleuze?

  9. john eden

    lets kill corpsey

    Corpsey will outlive us all. Or at the very least, me and @Leo
  10. john eden

    Brexit Day

  11. john eden

    is music too middle class?

    Good post!
  12. john eden

    is music too middle class?

    The middle class has put a donk on it.
  13. john eden

    Blogs worth a look

    What's good is when your blog is turned into a novel:
  14. john eden

    what are you reading now?

    It's mainly Georgina's excellent photos, so no new ground is broken really. I quite like that she has staked her claim for 2004-2007 though.
  15. john eden

    what are you reading now?

    Well don’t do that, obvs. :)
  16. john eden

    what are you reading now?

    Yes the Elkin was really great and a favourite of mine too. I'd be interested to see your list ;-)
  17. john eden

    what are you reading now?

    Hackney HOWLers - Write Women Into History Georgina Cook/Drumz of the South - The Dubstep Years: 2004-2007 Donna McLean - Small Town Girl: Love, Lies and Undercover Police Mike Makin-Waite - On Burnley Road: Class, Race and Politics in a Northern English Town Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett - The...
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    The Christmas Thread

  19. john eden

    The Human League

    Oh yeah, that too.
  20. john eden

    The Human League

    The Reproduction and Travelogue albums are the pre-pop ones essentially. Before the Heaven 17 guys left and Joanne and Susanne joined.