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  1. Dr Awesome

    Obama V. Romney
  2. Dr Awesome

    House / Techno 2012

    I'm listening to the latest clairvoyants (ft Icicle) podcast from Rinse. What else is good in the same sort of vein?
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    The Atlas of Weirdness

    Ah yes, cryptoinfographics then.
  4. Dr Awesome

    The Atlas of Weirdness

    That looks awesome. What possessed you to make it?
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    What is middle class?

    The thing that always strikes me about "the middle class" is living in suburbia. It's partly an NZ thang, but owning 1/4 acre of paradise has to be it. Someone is in the middle when they can afford to buy a bit of land, with the help of the bank, and work for the next 20 to 30 years paying it...
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    Olympic Bullshit

    Read Crash, The Crystal world or Concrete Island!
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    Olympic Bullshit

    I've been a supporter of the "open" class for some time. I think the only real question for it should be how much bio-mechanical fuckery you'd be allowed to have. It'd make for a better spectacle... 5 seconds to run 100 meters, 30 min marathons...
  8. Dr Awesome

    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

    yeah that's true. Clubs also don't maintain their CDJ's for what it's worth I suppose. Had this one on the weekend that was cuing every time a kick came through the monitor. It's happened twice now - so it's not just ONE DJ with the monitor too loud. :confused:
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    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

    Becomes a pain in the ass. Not to mention people ruining your needles. Also re-aligning them when you get home because they've whacked the weights on backwards, turned anti skate up to the max and set the tone arm hight to be as high as possible. Unless you've got a road case for them you've...
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    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

  11. Dr Awesome

    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    Nobody believes you because it's so far ahead of it's time. Ah yes, the Farthing-Penny. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    Pft. Anyway, I did some googling and there's plenty of bikes about which have their seat integrated into the frame. Was it like that, or was it more of a conventional bike design?
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    That's actually kinda cool. If you think about reductionism as something to be driven towards (for aesthetic purposes or not) in design, there's probably not much more you could really do without on a bike...
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    child psychopathy

    In terms of children being labeled as "psychopaths" etc This is a documentary about a girl with "Reactive Attachment Disorder" which I don't claim to know a lot about but fits in on the standard / mother wasn't there / father abused her / type scenario. Anyway interesting as apparently she...
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    Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations

    Turns out I've just been making it with beef mince my whole life. Will try it out that recipe one night this week.
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    I always imagine Luka as that guy at any given party.
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    It's a date.
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    Scuba's Personality = Sasha's Expander.

    Mount Kimberly / James Blake etc etc are all going in this general direction aren't they? Ignition sounds kinda like what's considered to be "Indie" these days (80s, cheese, sunglasses, big hair). Anyone else ssensing some new gravitational shift towards this...?
  20. Dr Awesome

    Modafinil/Smart Drugs

    Epoxy Resin and dynabolts the kids use nowadays. Schedule A strengtheners.