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  1. mos dan

    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    they haven't found R U Double F :( the tune that got me into grime
  2. mos dan

    Where is Kodwo?

    kodwo came to an event at the really free school a couple of months back organised by a friend of mine which showed a couple of films about the black panthers and 60s black radicalism, which then posed the question of what role black radicalism might play in the current british protests.. race...
  3. mos dan

    Teaching Juanroberto - IDM

    no i didn't you dick you can't even remember your own half-arsed attempts at trolling properly, snore
  4. mos dan


    if anyone wants to hear the mag man album streaming, and (ideally) join in the comments to (lol) GENERATE SOME DISCUSSION, well that would be lovely
  5. mos dan

    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    i see where you're coming from with the forum talk/loose lips - but the police never used to come in to bust the place for weed transgressions. like, ever. this still doesn't explain why pp would be singled out as against any other club in shoreditch, the like of which have more provable and...
  6. mos dan

    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed. dalston looks to be getting 'the full shoreditch'
  7. mos dan

    Edmonton police/trident recording studio sting

    any update on this?
  8. mos dan

    songs which mention several local areas in quick succession

    that. there must be lots of them? from lots of different parts of the world, and eras. i've just been listening to this rip of tanya stephens' the other cheek, over and over (towards the end, around 2:45) Well white hall and Red Hills road, you know dem have a little message fi disclosed it...
  9. mos dan

    Ed Milliband

    i don't understand the cynicism in this thread (and elsewhere) firstly i'm not unhappy with the emphasis he's put on iraq - throughout the campaign. it's quite rightly been a huge fucking albatross around the neck of the labour party - both in itself, and the way it was subsequently handled...
  10. mos dan

    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    yeah but come on, there are levels of severity/security. re trouble: i've not seen so much as a shove in hundreds of visits. i literally can't think of a time anyone i've seen anyone thrown out for drunkenness/rowdiness/theft/anything else, how ridiculous is that. smoking/chatting outside is...
  11. mos dan

    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    apparently winston is basically not allowed to be friendly now, even to people he knows (this isn't me feeling personally slighted, i'm not one of those people) i should have remembered this thread before i wrote this blog, since it's full of useful material, but anyway, here, i blogged abt...
  12. mos dan


    me either. i'm finding it really melancholy. i mean i can see why, having read the nine interview. i listened to it for the first time on a wet tuesday, after an, ahem, heavy weekend the night before, that made it all the more gut-wrenching.. what james says about london at the end is so moving...
  13. mos dan

    2-step pirate radio

    O. M. G. someone find me a month to listen to all these, amazzzzing - that dsf thread! there's loads of great garage on the fm dial still in london. couldn't really tell you where, i never rly remember the frequencies sorry. but it's pretty dominant still!
  14. mos dan


    that sounds great!! :)
  15. mos dan


    browsing this thread, i can't count the number of times i've been tempted to troll with 'HEY GUYS!! I'VE JUST DISCOVERED THIS AMAZING NEW KIND OF MUSIC CALLED JUKE! APPARENTLY IT'S FROM DETROIT, AND IT'S ALL MADE BY THIS GUY CALLED DJ NATE, AND...' etc etc i won't tho. i like juke, but, not...
  16. mos dan

    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    ^^great stuff they killed it at wifey last night with spooky, been too long since i've seen any full-on screwface grime in a rave :)
  17. mos dan

    Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

    all of this. emphatically.
  18. mos dan

    Wiley u-stream

    and people are asking why anyone cares? fuck the haters, that's amazing :)
  19. mos dan

    Wiley u-stream

    click the link now fam! we're going to the shops to get some red bull in a bit
  20. mos dan

    Wiley u-stream

    "the only problem with grime forum, is they go on like they love grime more than me - that's impossible man, no-one loves grime more than me. they look at the music that man's making to try and get money, but they don't give you no space, they're like 'that's not grime'. but we're living in...