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    Fantastic Cover Versions

    There are quite a few little gems on Fall tribute Good Evening, We Are Not The Fall, but I have a particular soft spot for the Mark E. Moon version of Prole Art Threat.
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    Untergunther & Les UX

    Really? That's nuts...must be incredibly difficult to get to (other than by train) if it's been untouched since the 40s.
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    Untergunther & Les UX

    When I was 16 a friend whose family had just moved to France spent the summer studying at the Alliance francaise Paris. He stayed at the apartment of some college age kids of friends of his parents and I ended up making my way there and crashing on the floor for a while. We pretty much ran wild...
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    portable dj solutions

    Jesus, since when has Richie Hawtin had hair?
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    How to save YouTube Vids (as .avi, mpeg etc..)

    The extremely useful Miro player allows you to search, download and save content from Youtube as well as a number of other sources of streaming video. It plays pretty much every format out there (with, I believe, the exception of a few proprietary DRM-ridden ones) and also has an inbuilt...
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    post a picture of the place you live

    Assorted photos found on Flickr of the area I live in. It's a somewhat run down, out of the way, former industrial, now ghetto / artisty / hipster neighborhood with poor public transportation located near what used to be the Brooklyn waterfront. Of a Saturday afternoon you'll often see throngs...
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    Work Appraisal

    I just had my annual work appraisal the other day. My boss and I spent 25 of the 30 minutes we were supposed to allot to discussing it talking about what total bullshit they are.
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    Extrmemly trivial Fall trivia

    I'd actually been waiting quite impatiently for the confirmation (or refutation) since you originally posted that you'd emailed him. Thanks for passing on the answer :)
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    How many hours do you sleep a night?

    I know a guy who does this, or something like. He works a day job but also runs his own printing business where a lot of the print runs are done at night. He'll show up at this bar in the neighbourhood where his print shop is at really odd hours, hang out for a while, go back to his print shop...
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    How many hours do you sleep a night?

    Usually about 5 during the week, sometimes 4 or 6 depending...about 7 on weekends but can be less. I'll have a sleeping binge one weekend night every two months or so where I get 10 or 11 hours in. I always feel drowsy the day after, but great for most of the following week. If I go more than...
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    What's on your iPod/mp3 player?

    Alright...since typing out the last ten songs played randomly on my commute this morning allows me to avoid work for a few seconds... The Monks - We Do Wie Du The Slits - Heard It Through The Grapevine Moonshake - Little Thing Shellac - Pull The Cup Dillinger - Cocaine Running Around My Brain...
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    die princess die !?!

    I was living in Belgium at the time and could pick up the BBC on TV there. Had been out clubbing the night before, came home in a somewhat confused state at 7 or 8 in the morning, and couldn't figure out why Peter Sissons was on every channel. I remember that it felt like he was talking for well...
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    BAD PUNS: Breaking News, Lies, Gossip, etc

    It's on 2nd Ave in NYC. Near St Marks. Sister business to tea shop Tea & Sympathy in the Village. Not as good for fish+chips as Chip Shop on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn though.
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    Mixer Reviews

    I've been wanting to buy a fancy mixer for years, but the Vestax PMC-06 I picked up years ago for a song has yet to do me wrong and since I hardly DJ at all any more these days it's not really something I can currently justify. That said, I've heard a fair few people sing the praises of the Xone...
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    Your most tenuous or absurd claims to fame

    A guy I know is the "friend with weed" in that song by Placebo. He's kind of famous himself though, so I don't know if that still counts. On a related note, my girlfriend used to work with Placebo and once got the singer stoned after he begged her to do so before commencing an afternoon of...
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    Your most tenuous or absurd claims to fame

    A friend's older brother* threw a container of his and his friends' urine over Jennifer Connelly when they were in high-school together. * Someone who I have only met as an adult and who appears normal enough now, but was apparently quite badly behaved when younger.
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    Best thing in fucking ages. Where'd / how'd you find that?
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    why i <3 new york

    I think that cities like London and New York only have the edge that they do because people come from all over, drawn by the fact that people before them have gone there to reinvent themselves and, in some way, make these places their own. I'd say that there are probably more quintessential...
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    why i <3 new york

    Midwesterners living in W'burg get given a lot of shit, but I'd say that they're real New Yorkers as much as anyone else who wasn't born and raised in the 5 boroughs. So some of them have stupid haircuts and wear jeans that are too tight (this year anyway) but some of them are also the people...
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    Your most tenuous or absurd claims to fame

    My ex was once presented with a handful of pills (Vicodin, she thinks) by Shane McGowan as thanks for helping him negotiate his way out of the toilets at Max Fish bar after he managed to lock himself in for over an hour.