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    David Foster Wallace RIP

    Fuck this
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    THE POGUES - the cases for and against

    Planxty!! This is great especially Christy at the end on the bodhran when the audience start yelling
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    St Patrick's Day

    Saying that St. Patrick's Day was invented by Guinness is like saying Carnival was invented by Red Stripe. Or to put it another way, to equate it soley with spanners in foam hats is to think that Carnival =trustafarians blowing whistles. There's a lot more going on, its always been big in...
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    Blogs worth a look

    more self-promotion
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    music to write to...

    Field recordings worked for me when I was finishing my D.Phil: Chris Watson7s two albums, some of the sublime frequencies stuff (Bush Taxi Mali, Broken Hearted Dragoflies). Also the Ocora Voice of the Tantra from Gyuto.
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    Burial "Untrue"

    Dog shelter sounds like Enya. This is not a good thing.
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    Is there much point posting Literature threads?
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    Police Raid in Forest Gate

    You've obviously never been to Northern Ireland.
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    Zizek at Birkbeck

    I couldn't make the first of these but want to go to the rest. The web site recommends turning up in good time to get a place, can anyone who was there tell me if this is really necessary and if so how long before it starts should I get there on Tuesday? and how was it generally? How big is the...
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    Interesting posts Dharry and Padraig... There's an argument too that Michael Scott's architecture was just the ticket for Whittaker and Lemass to use as part of the rhetoric of modernization (as opposed to modernism) in the 1960s in Ireland, modernization being code for total integration into...
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    Saw these this weekend. Finisterre is incredibly dull and cliched, The London Nobody knows, however, is extraordinary, like Sans Soleil crossed with Steptoe and Son. Its on in the ICA tonight and tomorrow only I think. One for the psychogeographers.
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    The New World

    I expect people walked out because they were hoping to see a mainstream Hollywood historical epic, something like Last of the Mohicans. Thats certainly what the ad. for the film promises, an image so at odds with what you actually get its like having the poster for 2001 advertizing King Kong...
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    The New World

    That Colin Farrell's lovely though.
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    I'll give you this Jenks, you're nothing if not tenacious. :) I love the New York poet John Ashbery, at 82 the greatest living writer in English, funny, melancholy, profound and surreal by turns. His best book is The Double Dream of Spring, but my favourite poem is As One Put Drunk into the...
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    The New World

    Terence Malick is one of my essential directors, so I was loooking forward to this, and it doesn't disappoint. Very similar in its rhythms to The Thin Red Line, though here, I think, his trademark Heideggereanism if still more to the fore. The New World of the title refers, of course, to the...
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    granta best writers under forty (1980s)

    Mars-Jones interesting on Herbert's Plat du Jour and Formalism in the LRB this week:
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    Where to live in London?

    Well this is a bit glib. I lived in in Peckham for years and am thinking of moving back. Parts of it are really nice, though stay south of Queens Road. Some of the streets off Peckham Rye, the park that is, are lovely, and around Bellenden Road its completely gentrified. There are some nice...
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    Oh yeah, and weirdly, about 3 hours after I wrote that first post above I saw that Scottish fucker who recites the Auden poem in 4 weddings and a Funeral walking along Richmond High street. He reads in such a tortured thesp way. but if you look at the poem its incredibly camp and ironic.
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    Was that photograph the one taken just before they skedaddled to America in the late thirties? Not sure if it is. They got a lot of flak (excuse pun) for that, deservedly so I think. The south african fascist poet Roy Campbell said that Spender was a 'stormtrooper pf the knife and fork brigade'...
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    I'm very fond of Auden, well the early left-intellectual 'English' Auden anyway. I remember watching Nightmail as a kid and just loving those rhymes and rhythms beside the film's images. Also Britten's music. Didn't know what or who it was until much much later. Can hear/see it in my head now...