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    Ravey New York dance music - late 80s-early 90s

    Didn't see this ace Todd Terry tune in that list, perfect rolling bassline, cheeky laugh sample, raw drums... lovely
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    Bandcamp Pandemic Revenue Waiver - Specials, Links, Favourites et al

    Bought this album, really really good, freaky Chicago house, he's got loads of stuff on his bandcamp, well worth a delve This Terrence Dixon album too, similarly weird but more loopy and technoey...
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    rhythm basics thread

    Maybe you'd like this one if your after melodies
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    rhythm basics thread

    This came out recently in 7/8 You do get odd time signatures ocassionally in techno/house but usually as an part of a polyrhythm like the repeating melody in this track
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    Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Maurizio et al.

    These are the best ones I reckon as well as the previously mention lyot rmx
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    Deep House and Garage

    Love this one Best remix of this tune by a long shot
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    Padraig (u.s.)'s Post Disco/Proto House Masterclass

    Great thread! Lots of stuff new to me and lots of favourites too. Normalizo is one of the best ever, very fond memory of dancing to it at cosmic slops in Leeds a few years ago. Problems de amour is also up there for me, amazing how well this stuff still works on the dancefloor, I guess the...
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    Deep House and Garage

    Thanks for the recommendations pattycakes, they're all class, so powerful/direct. Love that Ron Trent track corpsey @nun0 im quite partial to some of the minimal stuff personally but found that modern track to be v boring, nothing hooking you in. Herberts a master of the minimal hook tho, or...
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    Good thread lots to think about. Has kinda been said by others in here but low self esteem and shyness are as much a function of ego as arrogance, they don't stem from a lack of ego. Theyre 2 sides of the same coin, it's an obsession with how you are viewed by others, either relishing in your...
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    Best songs you've ever heard?

    Absolutely flawless Sad to have just seen that Nashem Wooden from this group has died of corona. What a track this is, remember playing it on a Now compilation at one of the first parties I went to as a 13 year old
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    Teach me about....

    It's an old cliche but in my own experience techno and house didn't make sense until hearing it on a big soundsystem at a bangin party with lots of chemicals. And even when I got it I didn't like to listen at home and if I did I'd have to imagine how it would sound at a party. Jungle/garage etc...
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    The aesthetics of ideology

    Yeah but surely this manifests in both directions. The aesthetic is used by these people to appeal to potential recruits. Do the followers just like the look and get on board with the ideas as a second thought or do certain tastes and beliefs tend to go together because of the way they form a...
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    Deep House and Garage

    Nice one pattycakes, yeah it doesn't get much better, good little article by ron trent himself bout them making it for the sound factory club Yeah I love lots of the murk stuff but I haven't heard anything in...
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    Deep House and Garage

    As far as deep house goes Larry heard and Ron Trent are the masters. And im so in love with release yourself Arthur brick! Best bassline ever, sounds so heavy on big speakers
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    Damn, Andy Weatherall is dead

    Amazed by all the stuff he's been part of over the years, I'm only discovering alot of it after his death sadly, all the bloodsugar mixes are here with tracklists for anyone interested, perfect tackle for self isolation
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    yyaldrin's conceptronica album

    can relate to that when it comes to clicking in notes to the grid, but i can recommend trying some more interesting sequencing plugins if you havent already, opens things up a bit and allows for lots of happy accidents Spirals in reaktor is great, an endless stream of constantly shifting...
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    the little silver box

    enjoying loads of the tunes been posted already, that elephant man one is class! i like the way the 303 expands and contracts in this one, within the loop itself and throughout the track as the filter opens and closes, fairly meat n potatoes acid track which is often the best place for it tbf...
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    Ross Kemp

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    really enjoyed this, have been trying to find pagany wickerman-like films for a while but theres not many that hit the spot, this one definetly does the job. Great soundtrack and visual effects. kinda lacks the sinister humour and songs that made the wickerman so great but cant compare too...
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    How do you distinguish these? Can you have a track with a dub mentality that hasn't been made with dub techniques? Or vice versa