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    Has genre ever been anything more than a tool for segregation?

    yeh perhaps but do you really think genre is really the tyranny you're after in that case.?
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    Has genre ever been anything more than a tool for segregation?

    is genre in fact just simple racism? All genres should probably just be filed into 1) african tribal 2) white supremacist
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    Deep Electro

    yeh XK3 was menacing... i like that track
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    Deep Electro

    I'm not saying its good. But at least some cunt is going through the motions of trying.
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    Funky/London/UK House

    its not that bad. but yeh prob not for 2023's palate.
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    sounds like mainly shit whats the times for the good tracks?
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    yeh i like this guy. seems real.
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    Sudan 30 October

    lets just get straight to the goat slaughter. might generate some more interest.
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    SØS Gunver Ryberg

    Yeh you could actually fall asleep to that.
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    yeh idk this seems more school bad bwoy. Not much street confidence. I can forgive that if they've got a hook or something but nah .. meh.
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    lil yachty

    Yeh fair enough sometime shite is just undisputable shite. Lil Yachty for eg,
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    lil yachty

    Worlds blandest rapper?
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    New Rap

    got approved frighteningly quick and not having a pop but Dissesus is what Bsc (Hons) IT and Society lecturers think is cool.