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    Ravey New York dance music - late 80s-early 90s

    think this was on an old Top Buzz tape, been goin in on How & Little, loads of sick stuff!
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    vangelis help!

    ok, so i love the Bladerunner s'track, and Lindstrom has just covered 'Let It Happen' on his Late Night Tales mix...(which i heard Todd Terje drop recently, it was ACE!) so what should i be checking by Vangelis??? i always thought there MUST be more than just Bladerunner... anyone got any...
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    anyone know when ghetto 'top 3 selected' is out? i believe its comin on adamantium logan, can u help? such a massive tune...
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    rinse fm playing minimal techno...

    PS - 'lovelee dae' - what a tuuuuuuuuuuune! absolutely sumputous.....such a melancholic tune, even though its got such happy lyrics....sublime...
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    rinse fm playing minimal techno...

    sooooooo gutted i missed this night.... sounds great... so sorry, did LUCIANO drop 'the grind'?!! thats heavy! so pitched down then? would have LOVED to have heard it dropped on that system....
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    DUBSTEP- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    what he said! its great....
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    all info can be found here, just scroll down a bit! hope to see some of u lot there!
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    DUBSTEP- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    apologies if this is spam, and moderators please feel free to delete, but i thought some of u euro-dissensus-ers may like to know SHACKLETON & myself are playing in Berlin next Friday 16th Feb at Trompete all details here, u need to scroll down a bit: hope to...
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    Belgium situationist jump skank

    yes man....check out he did the tune thats on those vids....loving the slow gabba vibes!
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    Roots of Techno recommendations

    all about B-52s - 'mesapotamia' innit? u lot seen the tracklist for Kings Of Techno too? nice to see Stooges on it!
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    Skream - Late Nite Request Line

    bring ALL the versions, both vocal AND dubstep! seriously, would actually PISS U OFF to hear a Jammer versh, or Skeppy, or whoever?! surely not! just don't listen to it! any chance i get to hear Jammer or Skepta is a joy, personally, whether its on vinyl or on air! (or at a rave) the Hatcha...
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    Skream - Late Nite Request Line

    was it deffo Villalobos? i heard it was Rolando that dropped it.....i nearly wet myself! the thought of UR linking up with dubstep was too much for me.....but it appears i was wrong! was anyone there? would love to know definately either way.... its crazy, the tracks just keeps going and...
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    Youngsta and Loefah on Rinse 12/5/05 - check this out

    you don't have long to wait marcus! DMZ006 = loefah: 'goat stare' & 'root' out soon! 2 utterly essential future bass classics...... miss at your peril.....'goat stare' on a large system has to be experienced! and don't forget DMZ on NOv 5th! i know you'll be there mms!
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    fave grime catchphrases

    where DOES 'shoewr'/ 'showerface'/'showerman'/'shower-curtain business(!!)' come from? i love it! but am intrigued as to where it comes from......who said it first? what does it MEAN?
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    Skream - Late Nite Request Line

    easy mate! that tune is called 'Midnight' by Loefah.... its AMAZING eh?! makes me think of Richie Hawtin doing dubstep.....totally stripped down and economical - but still utterly devastating.... not out yet unfortunately but its on the Youngsta Dubstep Allstars 2 mix which is...
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    belgian hardcore

    mms on the money! jesus loves the acid is a monumental tune! one of the first rave things i heard....a friend of mine went to live in hackney for a year and brought back all these bonkers records....D-Shake 'yaaah', Ecstasy Club, 'energy flash' and tapes of Colins Dale and faver....our lives...
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    Lammas Night's Laments

    will gladly do a copy or two for anyone that might need em derek... wicker man - one of the few films i can watch again and again and still be totally mesmerised by.....i saw it first when i was too young to understand it, u know, staying up late when u weren't allowed, midight on BBC2 kinda...
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    Lammas Night's Laments

    bump this - does anyone have any info on where we can get these comps?
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    Lammas Night's Laments

    i came across that site a few years ago and was told that those comps. weren't available any more....where did u get them derek? love a lot of that stuff......sod 'New Weird America' (what a horrid name for a genre!)....... pretty obvious i know, but 'gather in the mushrooms' on castle and...
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    roll deep on a d n b record

    they make both - 'wise up' on bingo and the one they did on Vehicle were ace.... they've been gettin success on the d&b circuit more recently tho.... glad to see em making some grimy beats still.....'duppy man' kinda sounds like eski / oddz d&b too....weirdly works really well... love 'top...