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    Where is Kodwo?

    doing a Drexciyan exhibition around the corner from my gaff, which is handy
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    Just Chillz show on CroydonFM alway worth checking
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    SHAKA R.I.P.

    Some of the most plaintive synth work going
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    SHAKA R.I.P.

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    if New York can die so can London

    Selectors Assemble show on worldwide, Dance Regular Show on Rinse and this playlist is handy
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    if New York can die so can London

    Not a bad week in Berlin just there, which is tipping along despite some of the NYC/LDN diseases becoming a lot more acute, especially around housing. Everything else though remains pretty affordable and the biggest benefit as far as I can see is barriers to starting new venues and keeping...
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    Deep Electro

    Ngoni Egan doing great things atm
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    Specials vs Fun Boy Three

    Soundtracked a particularly terrifying shrooms experience many years ago, still not right after it haha. Also provided lazy TV producers with the one tune every time the Brixton uprising pops up Must be one of the most influential bands though, RIP
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    Dego is presently on Do!! You!! radio here. Idk if a 3-5am Tuesday slot is one of these Charlie Bones in-jokes but it's impressive going for a guy whose been around since the 80s.
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    Scratcha / DVA / Hi emotions / Leon Smart

    He was over here at the weekend. Great show that just got heavier and more interesting as it went on. A DJ with enthusiasm for what they are doing will always shine through.
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    Youtube comments

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    This lot will be pathetic wherever they end up anyway
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    Radio is magic

    Looks like the end of the road for Worldwide :confused: My favourite station by a long long way these past few years. Consistent quality day in day out, always fresh and lived up to its mission. I think what set it apart from something like NTS, Hor and others was everyone on there be it an old...
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    The Queen is Dead!

    Saw Lee Perry live a few years ago, he went though each member of the family individually calling them thieves.
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    In Liz We Truss

    Has there ever been a new PM arrive to so little enthusiasm? And the same sentiment is certain to play out during the imminent handover of the monarchy. Britain's new era of underdelivery is sure bedding in at the top!
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    Chicago House

    And speaking of heavy, this is as big a tune as came from the scene obvs but this mix is complete chaos when played out
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    Chicago House

    Boggles me still sometimes when you put on 'Time to Jack' and it remains so heavy in the face of everything that came after it. Often at a remove it is difficult to really appreciate what are held up revolutionary or foundational records but that Chip-E track really stands up today in its own...
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    Great 2 Step?

    This is really sublime from MAW and with all the elements of a little London bubbler ...but four years early in 1995 Sounds like Sunship
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    Deep Electro

    big release this year from the master
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    There is a good story, @droid might maybe recount better, about 4Hero's first trip to Dublin when they turned up and with a load of techno records, much to the bemusement of promoters trying to get dnb off the ground locally. But it always make laugh, in how they have kept a kept a foot in...