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    Drum and Bass/Ardcore/Numm ebay sale dead cheap
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    so sad. RIP
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    the bowie thread

    in a pub last night-won't ever happen again i suspect..
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    What old music have you been enjoying this year?

    recon Bobby Gillespie has seen this
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    lot of it about now eh?
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    Bleeps and Bass

    excellent stuff, thanks.
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    Pan@the Boiler Room, there's some absolute chumps there though..
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    Blackest Ever Black
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    Soundcloud Problem

    maybe someone more tech-savvy than me can tell me what to do..Soundcloud imbeds in say, Fact Magazines mixes page are blank?? hope its something simple (i did a system restore but still blank..)
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    Conceptual art: what's the point?
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    new to me-excellent
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    oh, and the bill kouligas mix is fantasic..this would be the right forum to ask wat precicely is the tune at..well it starts at 44 and a half-ish? it's not bad at all
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    going to get the Mego thing, first came across him in the Art World; proper Zelig character .
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    Where is Kodwo?

    really great,only just seen it.
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    Nurse With Wound/United Daries Sale

    me mate is selling some fine records
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    RIP Conrad Schnitzler
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    Actress / Nail the cross