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    [LDN]08.08 This Heat: Batu + Ipman

    A theoretical concept by design, This Heat launches on the 08th August at Dalstons favourite haunt, Power Lunches. Drawing on the techno roots that run through the hardcore continuum, we've called upon Cold Recordings mainstays Batu and Ipman to show us the lineage between these now considered...
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    Actress / Nail the cross

    actresses music has a sense of being disconnected, but wanting of interaction. it literally sounds like its been made by a robot. that it sounds like its trying to reach out gives it emotion to me. zomby on the other hand is just fucking lazy
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    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread

    A friend of mine and Patrick Swayzes been creating some music for a while now and has some vinyl pressed up, we're in the process of getting into shops atm. Didn't know where to post it, guess it fits in here most though. He's got G3 and his label is called Little Corner. We're speaking to...
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    seems better for girls, the only people that i've been 'matched' with have all been guys or cam girls lol
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    How has burial dated for you?

    i dont know if kode9s taking the piss anymore
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    KAN YAY OR KAN NAY? (The Kanye West Thread)

    i dont even care about his music but its nice that he exists, and kim kardashian et al. they fuck us and we don't like them but fair play.
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    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    does it have instructions on how to implant it into your childs chest or do you have to figure that out yourself
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    KAN YAY OR KAN NAY? (The Kanye West Thread)

    and its relieving having people who are out and out arseholes in the world, whether or not their arrogance is justified as a society we're taught to be self-effacing and modest and polite whether or not are actually like that and it creates a duality in personality. One where you get cunts who...
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    KAN YAY OR KAN NAY? (The Kanye West Thread)

    people nail him to the cross like he wants
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    Best Of 2013 Lists

    FKA Twigs, Sophie, Kelela & Ciara get best artist awards.
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    Censorship, Surveillance & Apathy

    When I have to ask my grandparents to watch porn I'll kick up a fuss.
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    Best Of 2013 Lists

    Ellie Gouldings song has the stupidest sounding chorus of all time. They could have got an automated voice do that song and it would sound the same. And that description is even stupider.
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    bloody miserable

    its a hypochondriacs dream
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    London - THE YOUNG GODS - 15/12/13

    didnt even know this was happening
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    Best Of 2013 Lists

    forest swords - engravings Petre Inspirescu - Fabric Nick Cave * THe bad seeds - push the sky away felix k - flowers of destryctuion scout niblett - boc - tomorrows harverst rp boo - legacy julia holter - loud city song drake - nopthing was the same donato dozzy - plays bee mask...
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    I found book about old magick and here is some occult pictures

    Did anyone actually manage to break the monoliths of texts he wrote?
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    game of gnomes tv show

    Sansa's gonna rise up boss the kingdoms
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    "Got any ID?" Stricter age restrictions and dance music.

    Depends what you mean, free-raves aren't under 18 and i'd presume are everywhere. The 16+ parties are run by groups like Lets Go Crazy and Under The Radar afaik were in other cities, if they still are or not I don't know.
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    "Got any ID?" Stricter age restrictions and dance music.

    There were also those 16+ parties, not site if they're still going thoihh