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    Whatever happened to

    Does anyone know?
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    Where I can find recordings of (any) performances of Antonin Artaud?

    Thanks Mistersloane! Sounds as he looks. Which makes me wonder... was Artaud a witch?
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    Activism and protest at COP15 I am a writer looking for activists and protestors to hang with at the conference. I am covering the street scene and treatment of demonstrators at the hands of the Politi. Please get in touch. Thanks
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    What is interzone?

    Yes, I'm aware of the origin, I was hoping someone with pet theories about interzone might help be willing to help an idiot like me to grasp the concept...
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    What is interzone?

    Definitions sought... Philosophical, literal, psychological, clerical or otherwise...
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    What is Deleuze?

    Almost certainly. But if you can find out for sure, please inform me by post.
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    What is Deleuze?

    Does the question possess inherently (de)generative powers?
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    What is Deleuze?

    Can anyone here help? I have been browsing the swatches of Deleuze that can be found on the internet. I find it difficult to understand from these what Deleuze is. This, for example, from 'How to make yourself a body without organs': No longer are there acts to explain, dreams or phantasies to...