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    Notes from a suburban raver - DannyL's list

    Thanks @DannyL for this top 100 and @craner for the Spotify.❤
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    The good James Brown songs

    King Heroin
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    SHAKA R.I.P.

    Shaka RIEP. Genuinely upset, last time I felt this was when GS-H passed on.
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    Notes from a suburban raver - DannyL's list

    On second thoughts, perhaps follow your own timeline with a dash of classics for reference (influence) on you weird stuff. I dunno, your call tbh.
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    SHAKA R.I.P.

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    Notes from a suburban raver - DannyL's list

    Ill just put a big🔥 for the thread in general. So many good tunes and memories.
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    Notes from a suburban raver - DannyL's list

    Great list Danny. I guessing we grew up in the same timeline by your choices. Late 70's to late 90's a constant state of flux. Maybe a weird 10 thrown in for measure.
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    DJ Mixes by You (and me)

    I recognised Mother Don't Cry - Creation Rebel (2nd track iirc). And possibly something from Starship Africa, also CR (about midway)
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    DJ Mixes by You (and me)

    killer mix, was on headphones last night. now playing on speakers. sounding heavy🔥🔥🔥 do you have a tracklist? esp 24mins, 40 mins, that one at 1:04 to 1:10 a d/l of would be great ofc. (new user name requested)
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    DJ Mixes by You (and me)

    Great mix @william_kent. Psychotic Junkanoo styles Need to change my user to Client Eastwood
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    Zines, pamphlets, art comics, chap books etc

    see here @catalog
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    The HEAVIEST bassline EVER

    Ability II - Pressure Dub (Probably posted this in another thread too) At about 5mins 10, when the vocal faded out and the dub siren comes in, it's snare, tops and bass weight. Made to be played on a sound and man does it deliver.
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    live albums

    Misty in Roots - Live the Counter Eurovision 79 I had this on cassette when it came out - long worn out and lost now. Never been able to replace it or seen it reissued and Discogs prices are way high. Love the double congo (or tom drum) hits throughout the session, makes it hypnotising. All...
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    live either today or tomorrow

    Tuned i late. Third Form is annihilating rhythm. Killer session.
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    Deep House and Garage

    Looking at the label again, T D'Arby is credited, maybe as co-producer - dunno really
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    Deep House and Garage

    feeling it, house blues. Hollis P. Monroe - I´m Lonely (Original Mix) From the comments - 'That's Terrence Trent D'arby on the vocals' if it is, he should more vocal house
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    lovers jungle

    Top thread. Most of the the tracks from this compilation would fit. eg
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    What Is Your Current Vibrational Frequency?

    Angsty, restless, pent up energy like the flow is blocked but at the same time a feel of low energy. No lifeforce or motivation to do much apart from the minimum to get by. Sit down and try to focus for fifteen minutes and I’m up of by seven. Bluey grey hue tinge. Wistful. A sense of age.
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    Adverts Music

    Apparently, no computer graphics in this advert for the Honda Accord. Almost AMSR to start with, then the drop. love the way the speakers are vibing.
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    UK Soul : Soundsystem Classics

    A couple of tasty mixes covering some of the tunes in this thread. Manchester 90's Street Soul Mix V1 and V2