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    in with a bullet: bun b's trill is my #1 hip hop record of the year

    Looks like everybody's got love for Bun B right now... "Trill" #1 on Billboard... nice work Heard some big news/rumours from the weekend... DSR has signed to Universal for a cool 7 mill and Swishahouse has signed Lil Keke !!! Is it true ??? DJ Screw must be spinnin in the grave !!!
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    in with a bullet: bun b's trill is my #1 hip hop record of the year

    I'm interested in hearing how this turns out... The dude has been way overexposed lately, everytime I hear another wack sippin' purple drank/ridin' candy paint guest verse I just tune out... But I got high hopes that Trill will bring back the goods.
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    Da Crunked Up Southern Rap thread

    You can find a lot of new crunk tunes here and a few more here. Dirty Doc Jam is a producer associated with the Crime Mob and he has some good tracks on his site, including the great "GA Girls" track.
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    Da Crunked Up Southern Rap thread

    The spark right now is coming from the kids of ATL. Check Maceo's "Sit Down" & "Nextel Chirp", D4L's "Laffy Taffy", BMF, Mac Bre-Z & GA Girls. Noah's Destiny's Child rerub "Decatur 2 U" is fuckin hilarious. Also Alabama's 334 Mobb, recently signed to Def Jam.
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    Rollin Deep South

    DJ Smallz's Southern Smoke mixtapes are a great place to start and will lead you to lots of new Southern artists. They include all the hot tracks, although I haven't heard the latest ones (a new one seems pop up every few weeks). Volumes 8 and 10 are the best.
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    London Film Festical guide

    Some more recommendations I’m nowhere nearby, but I can strongly recommend the following to London film fans. “Aaltra” – Hilarious, ultra-deadpan road movie about two misanthropes crippled by a faulty piece of farm machinery, they exploit their disability for all it is worth. Very much in the...