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    things you have noticed.

    some blood spots on my stairwell
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    what are you reading now?

    Yes Bertrand is incredibly readable. Philosophy books usually arent my reading choice but its an area Ive neglected. He throws in a bit of history and what he calls 'social history' as well for context, when required. Its pretty darn good.
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    observer music magazine

    'Dylan the genius' is patently untrue.
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    observer music magazine

    ......trouble with 'genuine music lovers' is that often their taste is bobbins. I mean 'loving music' doesnt mean the music they love is any good. its just a risible Q-lite isnt it? something for the Hornbys of this world to eat over their macro-biotic cornflakes of a Sabbath, nodding away to...
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    what are you reading now?

    The History of Western Philosophy by B Russell - started with Nietzsche, the tw_t, and working backwards. Persopolis 2 by Marjane Satrapi Cathedral and Elephant by Raymond Carver the new editions of Terrorizer and Cencrastus. the collected poems of Adam Zagajewksi ......and the instruction...
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    The Big Hello Thread

    Greetings I'm Baal This all looks to be a good idea.