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    The feel of the 2010's

    I remember a lot of the 2000s bloggers getting severely narky or depressed in the 2010s. It also seemed a time of ridiculous polarising extremes - reading news stories about people setting themselves on fire outside jobcentres vs the latest trend for 'fish pedicures'.
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    Choon of the Day, redux

    I only really remember that one because Bootboys, Punk Rock, Glam and Mod Rule are so insane, they make Stewart Home's parodies look 'normal'. Worst was Knuckle Girls, which should be called "Diary Of A Social Worker", despite the great cover.
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    Choon of the Day, redux

    Haha yeah, was 'Bootboys'...much better than Skinhead, lol. Need to wrap up a teen aggro pulp novel that's going nowhere? Just mention the lead psycho is obsessed with Crowley and does a naked ritual in a churchyard :ROFLMAO:
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    Choon of the Day, redux

    Anyway, if Version had ever green-lighted my "99 racist oi records and one John Holt record" ((c) Luka) top 100, this would have been in it - the only Satanic Oi! tune I know of...nice Black Sabbath sample too
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    Choon of the Day, redux

    Missed your original post!...discovered Night Dubbing last year when I visited Bunnyhausen, who has an amazing track record for casually playing life-changing bangers.
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    Choon of the Day, redux

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    what are you reading now?

    William Harrison Ainsworth: "Auriol; or The Elixor Of Life" (1844) I'm not expecting the world from a Victorian gothic pot boiler, and I get that it's probably hard to wrap up a plot that involves an immortal/time-travelling anti-hero and dwarf from 1599 getting mixed up with the Illuminati...
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    Not Being Gay

    Yeah...definitely my experience from working at Parcelforce and various pubs.
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    Not Being Gay

    Also, about 5 years ago, I was in a steakhouse in Germany with a co-worker, and he wanted he asked the waitress how big it was, and she said "Would you like to share?" and he got defensive and said "No! It looks gay...two men sharing dessert..." I tried to tell him she probably...
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    Not Being Gay

    Think you just never noticed. My early-to-mid teen boy peer group regularly pronounced things 'gay', including yoghurt, having an earring in the right ear (or was it the left? can't remember), wearing all black, having too-long hair, having too-short shorts, smoking Silk Cut (or any type of...
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    Best Scenes in Cinematic History

    Can't beat a ninja scrap to Joy Division
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    The Canon of the Overrated

    Some more... SWANS - always sounded like the poor man's Test Department to me, with silly vocals on top. BLACK FLAG - said this before on here...beyond about 3 songs, just found them mediocre and a bit cringeworthy. Even their hardcore fans don't listen to 3/4 of their stuff. And I know...
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    The Canon of the Overrated

    Never got it either: Fisherman Dub on Megaton Dub Vol 2 is OK Sonic Youth still seem the most overrated pile of indie shit to me. Like chemistry teachers pretending to be hip.
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    Poems over tunes

    Ruth White's Flowers of Evil LP (Baudelaire readings) is ace.
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    Ping ponging between 1 and 2. The AI's really putting me off, though. Think I said this before, but the life-changing event for me was watching The Hunt For Britain's Paedophiles. Every single one of them had a cluttered, messy home: it's as big a 'nonce tell' as liking Star Trek or getting...
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    The best Basslines

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    I was always getting snitched on as a kid - my takeaway was don't tell anyone anything. I even got snitched on for things I'd made up. My oldest sister is a complete cunt and was always running to my parents to snitch on my other sister and brother whenever they did anything they could possibly...
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    The accelerating commodification of irishness

    I didn’t know this was a thing again, to be honest – I remember when Irishness became cool around the mid-'90s, and Caffrey’s suddenly became really popular and was on tap everywhere (I haven’t seen it since…). Plus Father Ted, Cranberries, Sean Hughes, Roddy Doyle, The Butcher Boy, rise of The...
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    The Crisis of Masculinity

    It basically means he lives on fried chicken and Guinness. We've all been there. You should only worry if he starts to shed 'ketones'. Those are the viral building blocks for monkeypox.
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    Dropping like flies....

    Only just found out that Monte Cazazza died in late June – the snap of him holding his heart, freshly ripped from his bleeding chest, for VILE magazine is one of those ‘classic’ old-school industrial images –and was copied by David Blaine a couple of decades later. He was also behind TG’s Gary...