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    James Blake

    His chords remind me of a lot of 80s r n b productions just with different sonic textures. The whole aesthetic with the pointillist approach to drums and the almost song-based form really impresses me.
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    Terry Riley - In C

    Alex Ross - only half in jest I think - said something like "the best version of In C is the one your local ensemble is putting on". I like the recording of the 1968 performance on Sony.
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    minimal d'n'b

    Consequence LP is out and firin. I have the CD but glad to see the return of 5 piece vinyl LPs to drum and bass - who remembers the excessive renegarde hardware albums of a decade ago?
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    Hyphy vs Jerkin

    Can you buy this stuff anywhere? I'm guessing it doesn't get anywhere near vinyl.
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    the wire versus the wire

    Rough Trade East had it at the weekend.
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    Hyphy vs Jerkin

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    minimal d'n'b

    Absolutely, Photek in his 97 Knitevision phase, Digital pre-2000 when he only put out one tune a year, early Polar (mind of a killer etc) and all the late Cert 18 stuff got, relatively speaking, loads of attention. The big thing this year is simply that there is such a encouragingly high ratio...
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    minimal d'n'b

    Consequence LP coming soon!
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    Funky/London/UK House

    There are definitely synergies with some of the stripped down Marcel Detman stuff or the kind of tracky thing Cassy might play in Panoramabar with some funky, especially the less obvious stuff/more repetative stuff around. I wouldn't be surprised if Roaska (etc) tunes started to appear in places...
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    johnny greenwood on mp3s and audio quality

    If he knew what flacs were (spend 30 seconds reading wkipedia) then he'd know that they are as almost as convinient as MP3s especially since bandwidth and storage questions are becoming moot.
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    Funky/London/UK House

    Marcus really smashed it last night, lots of good tunes - Gabryelle special was a lot as the 1st tune. Funny mix of people when you are used to the standard PP clientel but all the better for it I reckon. Cooly was good though not really in to this playing three year old big room minimal (Ame...
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    hardcore classics

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    Wiley's eski-œuvre

    Yep, just a little selection of more recent eski-inspired tunes I think.
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    Wiley's eski-œuvre

    Zomby 'Eski' showcase
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    Wiley's eski-œuvre

    Good to see WD25 on there.
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    I very much like "Clocks and Clouds".
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    Fab & Groove @ Rage

    The legend goes they were picking up on Frankie Bones 'breaks' records and stuff like that.
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    DC go-go

    George Pelecanos by any chance?
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    Best grime producers

    Geeneus "Stomp" is the one!
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    Best grime producers

    Did Dizzee make all his beats...who is this Cage guy who is mentioned sometimes, did he have something to do with the beats?