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  1. optimum

    Ikonika & Optimum presents Hum+Buzz Records out 20th Sept

    HBR001 officially out now on vinyl + digital 8) ... ht=IKONIKA ... ght=334457 ... rack=HBR01 Thanks!
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    [LDN] 17/09 - NYMPHYPNOTIK@Jubilee Altered Natives/Bok Bok/GIRL UNIT...

    NYMPHYPNOTIK Friday 17th September 10pm-6am Jubilee Club 1 Peckham High St SE15 5EB Free before 12 £5 after Altered Natives Bok Bok GIRL UNIT Lady Rocha Jam City Optimum Residents: Special Cream Big Nicotine
  3. optimum

    Where should I eat in London?

    If i remember on Friday, will try the mythical Meat Wagon in Peckham, really want the tacos
  4. optimum

    timbalands finest moments compied by me.

    Jay-z passed on this beat, Luda made it great
  5. optimum

    Ikonika & Optimum presents Hum+Buzz Records out 20th Sept

    First release details... HBR001 A. IKONIKA - AQUEOUS CREAM AA. IKONIKA & OPTIMUM - AMPERSAND 12" vinyl & digital Artwork by Bok Bok (Night Slugs) Both tunes previewed here: Also please join our Facebook group...
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    "R'n'B" recommendations PLEASE!?

    Incidentally I drunkenly mixed Speechless into Synthetic Flemm by Theo P, on radio last wkd, sounded ok! Others to check; Ride posted above, Love King, FILA, Four Color Zack mixtape, all easy to google, sorry can't post links atm
  7. optimum

    "R'n'B" recommendations PLEASE!?

    This is the biggest tune atm of any genre! Been revisiting these too
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    This comic deals quite well with the 'Chinese stereotype', with it's character 'Chin-Kee', a lot better than the thing Zhao posted up thread.
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    It's headhunter, pretty obvious imo
  10. optimum


    Yeah man, he's got tunes coming on out on loefah's label iirc
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    Nah oneman makes tunes too
  12. optimum

    Vampire *fucking* Weekend

    Vampire weekend>Foals all day
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    Should be in the 'dubstep' thread imo. Anyway, here's a longer cut of it:
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    Yeah Headhunter is AG. He played some juke at Fabric on Friday night
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    The sacred cows

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    Bring me in on an mp3 too please :)
  17. optimum

    Breaking Bad

    Snap! I just rewatched the first series with my girlfriend too. I agree with the one dimensional stuff and also with the touching moments too. I like how Walt changes throughout the show, an excellent performance though I always loved him in Malcolm in the middle and Seinfeld too.
  18. optimum

    Breaking Bad

    It's really great, can't wait for the third season. Very well observed
  19. optimum

    Rolling Radio Show Thread

    Ikonika live on right now.
  20. optimum

    Hip Hop 09?

    Pill is my fave tune atm, thanks