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    ethnomusicology readings

    yes and the ethnomusicologist (Hugo Zemp) acted like he had permission to record songs and release them to the world. And lots of musicians act like they have permission to make use of things they hear and encounter in music. And lots of scholars, journalists, fans, and marketing executives...
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    New from old dissensian Ripley: Hello Exile - jungle juke footwork and more.

    oy cats. Don't think I've posted this here yet - my latest mix Hello Exile TRACKLIST: 1. Leak Riddim VIP - Starkey 2. Everything it's a New Surprise - Cardopusher 3. Cop that flip - LL/ Lazer Sword 4. Nitemare - DJ Funeral 5. Dippin' Trappin - El Cucuy & Juke Ellington 6. Crank it UP -...
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    ethnomusicology readings

    What ho, checking in after a long dissensus break to share some of my favorite ethno pieces: "Midnight at the Barrelhouse: Why Ethnomusicology Matters Now" is a kick-ass piece (short), transcription of a talk he gave. It's on JSTOR but (RIP Aaron Swartz) I'll just post link here In it he goes...
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    UK bass music documentaries

    It starts beyond the UK, but Bruno Natal's _Dub Echoes_ ends up in the UK, rather arbitrarily, in its second half. I think the first half is much better, though.
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    ripley's latest: juke jungle booty crunk dubcore etc.. "Bass, Wobs & Zaps"

    ripley's latest: juke jungle booty crunk dubcore etc.. "Bass, Wobs & Zaps" Hello all. I've been playing around with integrating juke into my live sets for a while, and finally got around to memorializing that in a mix, as usual, torn apart and reconstituted with lots of other bootyshaking beats...
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    Anthropology - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Savageminds (a rather interesting anthro blog) criticized both of Diamonds books. Crooked Timber's take on it: I'm rather more sympathetic to Savageminds' critiques than the CT people are, as well.
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    late to the party, but YES. Anthem. Played this for years. still would, if I had my vinyl with me.. The drop in that still brings tears to my eyes sometimes. Lord'a'mercy..
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    Hey! Larisa here (I interviewed you last week) maybe we will cross paths this weekend? Not...

    Hey! Larisa here (I interviewed you last week) maybe we will cross paths this weekend? Not sure of my musical plans, in London I'm spoilt for choice. hope all's good.
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    dubsteppish non-londoners I like: Taal Mala out of Canada. DZ I think originally from Canada now in SF (?) Sub Swara (NY) Cardopusher Pacheko Ghosthack (Germany somewhere I think?) Starkey (US) Kush Arora (San Fran) Clouds (Finland) and for non-london UK, how about Gizmode from bristol...
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    People who run out on the dancefloor immediately, and look at you the dj expectantly: "Let's go!!"
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    Ripley's Australian Tour: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

    Hello folks. I forgot to post about this before I played in Newcastle, but there are still chances for Aussies to catch a ripley set: Brisbane, this Wednesday the 7th with the Scuba Tank crew, at the 320 club. Melbourne, Friday Oct 9 at Roxanne Lounge see info here -->...
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    SF 9/26 • DJ SLUGO!! BASECK!! DUB U vs RIPLEY!!

    Aw cheers! too bad you couldn't come along to Dub War after, but it was still a good time for real... looking forward to this one!
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    Rampin Shop

    Yeah check Wayne on that, among others
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    Rampin Shop

    I've been here six months and I have yet to see a single sound playing vinyl except one vintage rocksteady DJ who has his own distro & pressing plant. Ramping Shop is a wicked wicked tune, for sure! creepy robot sex music.. Unlikely to find it on vinyl internationally, because EMI (I think...
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    Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth 'kill or be killed'- the mp3

    love this. More a fan of "Total Destruction" though. this is what I started Djing with.. thanks to Boston's Toneburst crew.. sigh.. memories..
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    things to do and see, places to eat in Los Angeles

    Il Capriccio on Vermont, in Los Feliz... awesome Italian food. and for things to see... The Museum of Jurassic Technology
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    Songs Named After Men

    Oh if it can be more than just a name in the title: What's so great about Cassavetes - Bikini Kill Thurston Hearts The Who - Bikini Kill Al Capone - Prince Buster Brother Noah - Shadows Ode To Billy Joe - Tommy McCook & the Supersonics a lot of Obama songs Black Man in the White House -...
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    Songs Named After Men

    Richard Cory - Simon & Garfunkel Patrick Ewing - Rustie Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz Mr. Jones - Mike Jones FDR Jones - Ella Fitzgerald Mr. President - Lee Perry/The Heptones John the Revelator - blind willie johnson (lots of blues & gospel with biblical names) lots of songs on Selassie of course
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    John Stewart demolishing CNBC Cramer

    brilliant except it's true which sucks