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  1. straight

    Producer Talk

    Just got some tasty beyerdynamic heaphones and am minus a girlfriend so have the hours to put in on some music again finally. At the moment Im polishing up a load of stuff from a year or 2 back, heres the first fruit of that. Going to take a run up to my mates in liverpool soon and get some...
  2. straight

    Your preferred digital DJ system and why

    i think if you buy an audio 4 from at the minute you get the traktor scratch software for free, its much better than the serato software
  3. straight

    Proper music with guitars and singing and stuff

    Last six organs of admittance album is great, best in ages. Also check out his rangda collab with chris corsano (who hammered cafe oto the other week) and richard bishop, bluesy noisy bangers
  4. straight

    studio headphones

    im looking for recommendations for good studio headphones, ie not for DJing out with. Something with a good flat response. Im getting some at work for video editing but i was thinking itd be good for some weekend productions on the sly till i get some new monitors
  5. straight

    house and techno are bad

    id have to disagree with you zhao, its things the signifiers like the offbeat cymbal that I love and always have me coming back for more. You can have all matter of insanity going on in a track but when i get a cymbal after the kick then i feel like im hopping into a lovely warm familiar bath...
  6. straight

    Producer Talk

    after months of working myself into a nervous wreck ive been back in the studio a bit. also been on hols so its pretty cheery (by my standards) <object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie"...
  7. straight

    Hypnagogic pop

    yeah seems there a bit too much of a LOL hipsters vibe going on here. Theres a clear line between the guys with the ideas and the shit bands looking for the next big post animal collective sound. That aside, the new James ferraro record 'Feed me' is amazing. Like eating mushrooms grown in an...
  8. straight

    Producer Talk

    ive been Djing out quite a bit of miserable disco recently, heres a mix a mix of a DAF song ive done for that purpose <object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie"...
  9. straight

    Disco Ragas house music from Bombay

    i had similar doubts about the authenticity of this brilliant compilation of early 80s electronic music from east germany, sounded too crisp. I suppose a good remaster job counts for a lot
  10. straight

    45 mins of Jungle mix challenge

    lol back in the day we used to call mdma, coke and ket mixed together jungle mix
  11. straight

    Pictures of 90s Jungle raves in London

    cheers guys. PYMCA is amazing, didnt know about it and looks a fantastic resource(assuming they come back with my registration. Its weird, cant find much from that era, that jungle documentary on youtube has me yearning for rude boys in skinny jeans (no homo)
  12. straight

    Pictures of 90s Jungle raves in London

    Does anyone know of anywhere online where theres pictures of early 90s london ravers dressed to the nines? I mean 19 year old Shy FX in his pink jeans in that vid or anyone looking rude in a moschino off key? Need them urgently for a project
  13. straight

    Amazing 1994 jungle documentary

    cant believe how great this is, part 2 has the making of original nuttah
  14. straight

    Croydon nan

    rawest cussing ive ever seen. she calls him a pussyclart!
  15. straight

    Karl Matthews

    Eastenders! Reggae Music!
  16. straight

    House 09!

    yeah kassem mosse is one of the best producers out there at the minute. If you are liking that raw sound check out levon vincent, some of the best deep house out there that is at times as chilly and bleak as pan sonic but relentlessly groovy. His recent mike dehnert mix is fantastic
  17. straight

    Jeff Mills

    His metropolis soundtrack is great as well. Dug out the Every dog has his day series recently, sound dated but great, in a way a lot of 90s deeper house tracks in light of the current revival. They tend to get overlooked for the nosebleed hes famous for
  18. straight


    Its interesting reading this thread, i had always assumed that everyone else was thinking constantly. I think one of the reasons I love immersive music (and drugs as well i suppose) so much is that it is the only thing which I can really pay attention to without feeling im conciously thinking so...
  19. straight

    Why do people get Rothko but not Stockhausen?

    Because Stockhausen goes EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKHHEEEEEEKKKKEEEHEEH and is a bit more requiring of effort with duration. I personally dont think Stockhausen has a particularly small following, all the parts of his retrospective at the South bank last year were jammed
  20. straight

    Dj Heckling

    ive been asked to DJ out for the first time in years this saturday for a mates birthday and i feel like heckling myself in advance.