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  1. slim jenkins

    what you currently enjoying ?

  2. slim jenkins

    Is there anybody who likes jazz?

    I quiet like Jazz, 'though it lacks the depth, integrity, imagination or longevity of a great Funky House/Grime/Footwork/Bangbot/Streetsnap/Glitch Folk tune.
  3. slim jenkins

    what are you reading now?

    Just finished Simenon's The Hitchhiker (also known as Red Lights) - brilliant short road trip to hell in mid-50 America courtesy of a squabbling couple & a Madison Ave man who thinks drink will alleviate his woes but what awaits is tragedy. All described by Simenon's pinpoint, razor-sharp prose...
  4. slim jenkins


    Watched a couple of episodes...not exactly hooked. That assassin dressed like a retired football hooligan must be mind-controlled, he acts like such a dope. Might catch up with it though...something to watch at Work.
  5. slim jenkins

    what you currently enjoying ?

    Exai - Autechre..........phenomenal!
  6. slim jenkins

    what are you reading now?

    Don Quixote - another epic that I've actually finished, prompted by the new translation that came out a few years back. You lot are making me feel like one of those studious Readers of Epics, which I certainly am not. I'll drop a book at the blink of an eye, even one I'm enjoying, usually...
  7. slim jenkins

    Books on Music

    Ghosted via interviews, as I recall, but worthwhile for the full-on dark prince persona. Straight Life on Art Pepper is good although I wouldn't expect many here to be into that kind of Art. Richard Meltzer's A Whore Just Like The Rest is a favourite of mine. David Byrne's How Music Works...
  8. slim jenkins

    Albums of the year 2012

    Part 2 (with extra writing)
  9. slim jenkins

    Albums of the year 2012

    Some writing here. But since you have to actually click on the link and go all the way there, you probably won't bother. And I don't blame you. But I couldn't be arsed to type out the list here. My albums of the year... (and yes, Nick, you're included...shameless self-publicist that you...
  10. slim jenkins

    Albums of the year 2012

    Currently assembling my list (bet you can't wait) but replaying Monolake's Ghosts album right now - it still kicks arse!
  11. slim jenkins

    Sun Ra vs. electronics

    Damned good work. Well done!
  12. slim jenkins

    [fanzine] Turbulent Times #9 published

    Enjoying it, John. Currently making my own, but it'll be visuals only. I don't know if that qualifies as a 'Zine, but I prefer to be pretentious and call it an Art Book. ;)
  13. slim jenkins

    what art is, fundamentally

    Art's that thing people make or do which may be representational of an object/person or concept/emotion and is in the eye of the beholder as much as the creator but totally immersive for the maker, yes, if not the viewer. Had a brief discussion about this the other night when in my infinite...
  14. slim jenkins

    crime fiction

    David Goodis. Just picked up Somebody's Done For for a quid. It's the only one I haven't read, I think. Great writer.
  15. slim jenkins

    what are you reading now?

    Skip the descriptions of every whale in the ocean and your larfing. As Tea says, believe the hype.
  16. slim jenkins

    Gangnam style?

    Fuck that shit. :p
  17. slim jenkins

    What are you writing?
  18. slim jenkins

    Classic Films on Youtube

    Presume you mean The Tenant? I highly recommend the novel it came from, by Roland Topor.
  19. slim jenkins

    what are you reading now?

    Burroughsian in the sense that as a multi-dimensional author who constantly fed his own life experience and world view into even the most fantastical scenarios it's an early chapter in a life that formed the whole ever-evolving Book of Burroughs. Probably.
  20. slim jenkins

    Online Relationships

    I've met a few good people through online relationships. Even ended up with my current job through one. On the whole it's easier (for most people) to create a 'cool' persona via written word and inevitably they are different in the flesh...they are, surprisingly, human, with all that that entails.