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    Pearsall - Short Window to Chill [Downtempo / Trip-Hop Mix]

    well, it could be psy-trance instead! ;)
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    Pearsall - Short Window to Chill [Downtempo / Trip-Hop Mix]

    OK, usually I just do pretty manic mixes, but I do also sometimes enjoy mellower stuff, so I thought fuck it, let's make a downtempo mix. And here it it! Why did I call it a short window to chill? Well, basically because I actually had a very short window to make this mix. I recorded it off the...
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    The best Basslines

    always loved the bass on this DJ Hype tune
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    if New York can die so can London

    I used to live in Queens (many years ago ...) and i used to walk from Astoria to Jackson Heights sometimes, just for the sake of walking. Always good food around the Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Avenue station, that was always a fave spot of mine. IMO Queens has a lot of the best food in the city.
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    if New York can die so can London

    that's for a festival called Sukkot; traditionally they would build these huts outside, but a lot of the time they just build them on balconies, since it's not always possible to do it on the street
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    Pearsall's Berlin Underground Bass Alliance Promo Mix [Old Skool Hardcore]

    I'm playing at Berlin Underground Bass Alliance - Subland x Parallax x Impulse Basskultur in two weeks' time - so I've just dropped an old skool hardcore mix as a promo to whet some appetites for the Parallax Recordings room! Party info: More about the mix...
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    I love you Oliver Craner

    his Berlusconi obituary was fantastic
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    this is the one (I even uploaded it)
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    I never went but I did go out on the London hard house scene a lot at around the same time (it was a lot of fun!). As far as I knew, Sundissential was part of that whole Midlands/Northern England club circuit in the late 90's / early 00's, along with Gatecrasher, Passion, Insomniacz, etc, so it...
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    20 years since Boy In Da Corner

    yes, that was on the DaMetalMessiah IG, right?
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    20 years since Boy In Da Corner

    XL is doing a re-release for the 20th anniversary with some bonus stuff that was either unreleased or only appeared on self-released white labels
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    ad libs in early grime

    Dipset were doing tons of ad libs at that time, especially in their mixtapes
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    Pearsall presents Rinsessions Revisited [Early Grime Instrumental Mix]

    I think the best ever single grime tape pack / mix release was Rinse FM's amazing Rinsessions Vol. 1, which was released in 2005. A true landmark release, it featured six mixes from some of the scene's leading names, such as Roll Deep, Ruff Sqwad, Slimzee, Plasticman (now known as Plastician)...
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    this guy had one of the gruffest voices in the history of hip-hop
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    Peoples Stations #6: Pearsall [Old Skool Jungle Mix]

    it's the best sounding language!
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    Peoples Stations #6: Pearsall [Old Skool Jungle Mix]

    Yes, I'm extremely on the ball, but here's a mix I did in March (!) for the Peoples Station crew (aka Vali NME Click and DJ Chromz) for their show on They requested an old skool jungle mix, so I decided to have a little fun with it and just pull out half a shelf of records and...
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    trance (?)

    in general this stuff was pretty much just very fast hardtrance, maybe something that could work for you would be this one from Citadel of Kaos, who had done some pretty big breakbeat anthems in the early 90's before moving in a more trance-influenced direction
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    trance (?)

    I have the promo sheet for this one and it's quite amusing
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    Pearsall - Berlin nach London [90's Jump-Up Drum n' Bass Mix]

    I was recently back in London for work so I threw together this little mix to listen to while traveling, just because it reminds me of living in London when I was a teenager, and raving to this stuff first time around. Is it cheesy at times? Sure! Is it also super fun party music? Absolutely...