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    Dim Den - Ancient Spirit Modern Means (wave/synth/bass)

    Dim Den is RRKK's project. Artist known for many different aliases and from many different projects in finland. Rrimöykk, RPK, Eurocrack, Koksukoo, Ceebrolistics, Murmurecordings etc. Dim Den is a project in which 80's and 90's electronic new wave music's esthetics meets presence. Ancient...
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    rrimöykk - wave days - mix of 80’s wave (new, minimal, dark… etc)

    listen/download: this is a mix of 80’s wave (new, minimal, dark… etc) sounds. it’s 120 mins of drum machines, analog synths, tape delays, plate reverbs, diy electronics, passionate singing. thanks for all the bloggers that been pushin...