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    much as i love Gram, when it comes to ex-Byrds i find myself listening to Gene Clark more often- his solo records and the Dillard & Clark material "with tomorrow" from the "white light" LP is a great song:
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    erotic (?) record covers??

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    erotic (?) record covers??

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    Yacht-disco thread

    how about some mid 70s Lalo Schifrin
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    Acid Westerns

    haven't seen Zachariah (1971) in a long time- but it might fit the bill: Gunfights and electric guitars in the Old West? You bet! Zachariah gets a mail order gun, practices a little, and kills a man in the local saloon. He and his friend Matthew set out to...
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    WOOFAH issue 3 is OUT NOW

    got issues 2&3 in the mail yesterday saving them for a long flight next week :)
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    Famous people with prison connections

    actor Charles Dutton i remember reading about his life when the third Alien movie came out- not much of a celebrity these days though
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    me: opening for Pan Sonic

    saw these photos posted on another board looking sharp there zhao
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    me: opening for Pan Sonic

    thanks for the review i saw pan sonic live in 99- they were much more intense/louder/harsher than their records at that point- sounded really fantastic would love to hear an mp3 of their set for this
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    1970s LA Rarities

    i was also going to suggest Shawn Phillips his outlook is maybe a lot more "prog" than the LA musicians in Woebot's blog "Second Contribution" is the LP that jd mentions and i like the way it moves all over the place from folk to rock to funk- but it seems a lot more frantic than his LA...
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    A riddle...

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    Western Movies

    that's a good question- he seemed to be trying to get on everyone's nerves you should watch brando's "one eyed jacks" (especially) and "the appaloosa" also- his characters are a little more normal
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    The World Cup Thread *******

    really looking forward to Argentina - Mexico Argentina should win- but these two teams have played some good games against each other in the last few years- Argentina won last year's match in the Confederation Cup (penalties) and Mexico beat them 1-0 in the Copa America two years ago. both...
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    The World Cup Thread *******

    south africa was there in 2002 the "best" automatic berth story has to be france- they didn't qualify in 1990 or 1994, then they get the hosting spot in 98 and win the whole thing :eek:
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    'Genre' Fiction

    i started this thread on "Crime Fiction" some time ago i love Chandler but i think i might prefer Hammett- both are excellent though. Hammett's "The Glass Key" might be his best
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    The World Cup Thread *******

    ok- thanks. i may have to install it
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    The World Cup Thread *******

    are you using this?
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    The World Cup Thread *******

    i hear ya... but it's always like that- the only world cup where i've managed to watch almost every game was 2002 (japan/korea) and that was by waking up at 2am or 4am to watch games and then going to work btw- even in the USA world cup- games were held around noon and early afternoon local...
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    What's your favourite Iggy tune?

    "little doll" or "loose" (or all of side 1 of funhouse for that matter)
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    haven't seen Sunn 0))) live yet but i did see Khanate here in houston a couple of years ago O'Malley had a three of his Sunn amp heads (see photo) and it was seriously one of the loudest shows i've ever been too. the venue was an older warehouse and they made the walls literally shake- and dirt...