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    Jazz funk

    MM&W. The last 3 letters in jazz fonk.
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    Jazz funk

    Steve Coleman. The Last word in Jazz Funk.
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    Right over there, on that hill...

    Right over there, on that hill, is a beautiful garden.
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    I miss the way I used to view the future. It was a wide open world with millions of possibilities, all ahead of me.
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    Are you hard?

    My heart is hard. Like a stone. I look at a flower and say, "whatever". I don't stop and help people who are broke down by the side of the road. I give the homeless money, but only so they don't get mad and try to hurt me. I am glad when something moves me, something like "beautiful" by...
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    Modern d'n'b is rubbish - tune ID and a moan from an old man

    Well I never met him in person... My exclamation points are for the great music he makes and mixes. I can see how it might be too dark and hard-core for some.
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    Modern d'n'b is rubbish - tune ID and a moan from an old man

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    That mixtape you mentioned was the first mix I ever listened to. To me it is absolutely the best techno mix ever!! I still have the cassette and have digitized it. I actually sent a copy to Simon Reynolds. He called it "bangin". You have to hear it to believe it. Starts out with hip-hop...
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    Maybe I'm showing my age here, but to me RAVE MUSIC (what you all call hardcore, I guess) was the best music of all time. Jungle/DnB make it's break from rave and just DOMINATED! Yeah, I love Jungle. But I'm not going to pretend today's version is carrying on the spirit of the original...
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    best house music post-1992

    Baby D - Let me be your fantasy
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    Who else here is into TRANCE, the greatest genre of all time?? I searched the dissensus threads and none of the titles contained the word "trance", so I decided to start this one...
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    Set U Free -- Planet Soul
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    Calling all Steve Coleman fans (and haters)

    anybody got the new one... Weaving Symbolics?
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    Apple iPhone

    I can't believe you Dissensians. A revolution stares you in the face and you can't even recognize it. It's not a phone, it's the ultimate communication device (phone, ipod, camera, next-gen emailer, browser, etc) with the next gen touchpad interface. Welcome to the future, luddites.
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    Apple iPhone

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    what did you listen to today?

    "Jackie's Bag" - Jackie McLean
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    A world without computers.

    Anybody else here wish that computers didn't exist. Or is it just me?
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    "make way for Noddy..."
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    (the inevitable dumb) BEST OF '06 (thread)

    by a country mile Dieselboy's - The Human Resource