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    Dissensible Soccer

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    Ah nm, worked it out
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    Hmm, sure I'm being thick but can't work out how to use Tapatalk. Do I just create an account with the same login details as on here?
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    UKG 2013

    Love this tune. The vocal is Mr Vegas, right? Wonder if there'll be any chance of a vinyl re-release, the original goes for about £40 atm.
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    questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred?

    what was it? got a link?
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    Cassette Swap Reboot

    Very conscious that I still need to write my review. As soon as I get my arm out of plaster on Monday I'll get on it :D
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    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

    this is basic but should do the job fine if you dont need extra bells and whistles
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    Cassette Swap Reboot

    Tape received! Review coming as soon as I find a tape deck to listen on :)
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    best tablet for under 200 quid?

    Seconded for Nexus 7. Bought one on a whim and happy with it. Installed CyanogenMod for a few extra bells and whistles but the stock OS works fine, fast and snappy. It doesn't really do much that my phone can't do, but makes reading things slightly nicer. I occasionally read PDFs on the Nexus...
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    Hipsters: Scourge or Irrelevence

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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Can anyone ID the tune at 2:00 in this Darkside w/ Wiley & Chronik Rinse rip?
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    Cassette Swap Reboot

    Cool, will keep a look out for ones in London to save on postage.
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    Cassette Swap Reboot

    So on the topic of tapes, can anyone recommend a decent tape deck I should look out for? bought two cheap second hand NAD ones in the past year but neither worked...
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    Cassette Swap Reboot

    shit shit shit. running a wee bit late but will record onto CD tonight and get on a tape and in the post tomorrow. Apologies!
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    Cassette Swap Reboot

    I'd be up for this, assuming my tape deck still works.
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    Roiling football blather

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    Sleng Teng version excursion

    yeah definitely working on doing this at some point. got a few 'nuum versions but want to get hold of a few more of the classics before I do it, some of the big jungle tunes and there's a couple of grime/dubstep ones too. never come across any garage ones, but sure there must be some floating...
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    Sleng Teng version excursion

    I did a mix of a few versions of Sleng Teng > <iframe width="480" height="480"...
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    Riddim Click - dancehall B-sides

    Really enjoying this mix. Along with the HDD Strictly Riddim mixes it's nice to see some appreciation of how good so many dancehall instrumentals are that they can stand up by themselves in a mix with no vocals.
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    non-ipod mp3 players

    About to pick up a SanDisk player - plays FLAC, has expandable memory and FM radio. Need something I can play music on for several hours without killing my phone battery in the process.