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    why is ambient so popular now

    it's quite easy to make in a daw with slowed down arps etc. might be a small factor in its popularity
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    Listening Clubs Tantalize Audiophiles in London

    Was thinking about accessing a cheap ticket for a Tim Burgess listening party / interview for an OMD album after a conference recently . Wouldn't travel just to go one of these things (nor pay £20+ for the privilege). Would rather go to a gig.
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    Choon of the Day, redux

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    HS2 and the infrastructure problem

    Before we develop a high speed rail network (further) don't we need to electrify the whole network and make all major lines e.g. the Salisbury - Exeter stretch double tracked? As of March 2020, 3,758 miles (6,048 km) (38%) of the British rail network was electrified.
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    The worst thing you've heard all day

    dogshit - turning gold into lead
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    Choon of the Day, redux

    Dave East is possibly the best rapper in the US based on this verse imo
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    Drum and Bass in 2000s

    tech folk dnb
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    What are the key 'indie' albums of the far

    (indie) rap - i love this album: features production from casiotone for the painfully alone Serengeti - Family and Friends press play on bottom left of image below
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    "I'm Your Man" is a great album and was inspirational to me to show that people can do some of their major work in their middle age
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    Roger Waters

    The pig had other symbols on it like the Shell Oil logo
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    Roger Waters

    Anti-zionism is not antisemitism
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    Roger Waters

    Is he antisemitic? What do you think?
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    The best Basslines

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    are you a Turk?

    I supposedly have some Kurdish heritage so mos prob
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    soon to be an Olympic sport
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    Grime doc on BBC

    I think he's moved to Dubai, stopped smoking etc. He's done lots of (youtube) podcast interviews relatively recently .
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    Choon of the Day, redux

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    The Canon of the Overrated

    I think Massive Attack's Protection was the high point of trip hop personally.