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    Favourite (official) Kraftwerk Studio Album

    Almost impossible to choose for me, it's like to choose the best Beatles or the best Black Sabbath album... it's easy to choose the worst anyway: Electric Cafè. Not absolutely bad at all EC is a big comedown from the perfection and artistry of all the previous records and the first time they...
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    Japan / Sylvian

    The anthology 2cd Everythig and Nothing is great, since Sylvian albums are flawed in my opinion... otherwise my favorite is Secret of the Beehive, sort of Scott Walker 3rd album meet Ecm.
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    The first 30 or so album by ECM are on various degree very good. In the first years this label was very experimental and open to the best extreme fringe of seventies jazz, both electrification and improv. After there are some good records, but most is pasteurized crap. Also some of this best...
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    Record Shops are History.

    Reading the "Bring the Noise" is sometimes giving me hints on something, the love for the record as a cultural artifact, that seem to be long gone today. History. Like records shops. Those shops were you meet (sometimes nerdy) people who love as you records, who were also meeting point, were...
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    So, Julian Cope is going to publish this new book called “Japrocksampler” and…

    i was searching info on FAR OUT and just in case anybody here is interested in bidding more than 1.200 $ for a copy of the album!!! obviously those records, like most krautrock...
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    Bring The Noise

    On only read the first chapters so far. yes Simon writing is always a pleasure, even when he was much younger, he is a natural born writer. As someone who like me is trying of reborn itself as a writer (of science mostly, but also tried and failing of write about metal recently), i'm in deep...
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    Bring The Noise

    Got it in the mail from Amazon this morning. Reynolds is one of my all time favorite writers so really happy to begin to read this.
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    Second Division Krautrock

    Brainticket "cottonwoodhill" is actually one of my favorite kraut records. they were actually from switzerland and recorded the albums and played live in italy festivals with italoprog people. The record was heavily sampled by Nurse with Wound for "brained by falling masonry" (the original...
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    (the inevitable dumb) BEST OF '06 (thread)

    i really have to check the 'Ys' album, a real fave of everyone c93 and Scritti Politti too, being some of my favorite groups ever, but again, excellent but no new music problem with dubstep for me is the same problem i always had with jungle, two step, grime, etc: i'm not in the best place nor...
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    (the inevitable dumb) BEST OF '06 (thread)

    really this year have been musically speaking depressing, i have, when possible, really been with my mind elsewhere (no, i don't take drugs...), like on Studio One clash in the '60, or at the Hacienda in the '80, or listening to jazz at the Vanguard in the '50, or to classic and avantgarde disco...
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    I think the great blissblogger is referring to some aspect of this thread in his latest post and he is OTM like and deep as ever. I have listened a lot to the recent FSOL greatest hits this week: now i remember been left totally cold by their output, but i always loved (who don't?) Papua New...
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    Oaxaca? Anyone?

    i live in oaxaca since this july. my and my girlfriend are of the very few strangers who have not run away. the situation is tragic, really, and since the principal economic activity of this state was tourism, people is on the verge of total poverty. me i'm not even seen a pesos for my teaching...
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    greatest bass players (or basslines) ever

    which make me think of how much is in metal is the bass buried down in the mix... (expecially Metallica sadly for the poor Burton). Why have to be all screaming vocal and guitar? An exception is Iron Maiden, but not that the bassist (who is also the main composer) is one of the greatest bassist...
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    Was jazz-fusion a dead end music genre?

    Most prog fans are like me? God, where is the emoticon of shame...:p ? ps.... tomorrow i will cut my hair and listen only to my Oi and Gabba record......
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    greatest bass players (or basslines) ever

    Obiously great, but my favorite Queen bassline ever is Body Language (in effect the bassline is almost all of the song... and probably it's a synth) from the decadent gem that is Hot Space.
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    greatest bass players (or basslines) ever

    I LOVE BASS (and that include jazz double bass, electric bass or bass machines). just listened Le Freak by Chic, surely one of the overplayed songs ever, and not even one of the best Chic song, but, damn, when at the middle of the song the bassline comes in evidence, it's totally bliss... so...
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    what you gentle people thinks of this Bob Stanley comp? I love indie-pop, albeit Reynolds it's right when he wrote that the music sometimes lacks 'balls'; i think it was a reaction to too much 'testosterone rock' on '70 and '80 AOR radio, and also a reaction to too grey goth (something to which...
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    apart from Parker: be bop was mainly originally printed on 78", then there are some essential lp/cd comps: monk : genius of moden music 1 & 2 (everyone should have a copy of those!!) clifford brown - memorial album bud powell - tha amazing 1 & 2 fats navarro - vol 1 & 2 (contain many Tadd...
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    Was jazz-fusion a dead end music genre?

    I don't know real much about them. I have, stored on the other side of this planet, a copy of the first album, which i recall i liked much, especially the track Alucard. This, if i remember correctly, is one of the prog records i like much because of it's freshness, still having psychedelic and...
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    Was jazz-fusion a dead end music genre?

    uhm, i don't think that much of Howe really, i think his guitar just add to the mix but it's not the lead instrument... Wakeman really had been in and out without the sound changing that much... yeah, it's Squire that really is my hero. Squire is Yes.