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    global financial crash yay!

    Banning Short selling = playing in stocks is good, so long as you only want them to go up.
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    money transfers?

    Use hifx or similar. They take about 3 ticks off the traded FX rate (though it gets smaller with size) - you transfer to them, and they will Swift it to your bank account. You need bank accounts in both places though.
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    Bear Stearns...

    It was a simple standard liquidity crisis on an individual concern. A run on the bank - no one would leave money with Bear no matter the price bear would pay. The matter is never of where the money goes elsewhere to cause the liquidity crisis. It is because the company with the crisis can't...
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    global financial crash yay!

    That was a pretty reasonable conjecture from a few years ago though (and one I don't feel I was arguing against). Currently you are looking at a quasi-capitalist approach from China enforcing that all wealth is invested internally, limited stock holdings, and manipulation of data. This is...
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    global financial crash yay!

    I don't really know how important it would be. I mean, currency markets and everything are efficient enough as it is, so the currency would be a significant perceptual change but that is all. Vimothy's remark that oil at $97 is partly true, but absurd in ways as well. Oil has moved due to...
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    global financial crash yay!

    The problem with any of the banks announcing losses right now is that it is conjecture. They are announcing losses on assets that they cannot price, cannot sell, and are merely guessing at what their value is as best they can. Each bank will be pricing differently, and every bank will be...
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    high finance and its malcontents, occult fantasies

    The thing is that most of the crisis that you mention above, which you could add the EU to in 1992, are actually problems of their own engineering. If you go about fixing interest rates, people will exploit interest differentials as there is the easiest profit that can ever be made...
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    Big Brother: breaking news, lies, gossip, slander, etc.

    Is life that bad for you right now?
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    I would think that this would be the point that the whole thing died. It is just going to be a jazz band of sorts, isn't it? Scores very high on the beard scale.
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    Daft Punk's Electroma

    I read somewhere that it is getting a run of three weeks at one of the arts cinemas. Obviously knowing which one it was would help some of you.
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    Bicycles without gears/breaks

    Fixed wheels (as they are known) are the preserve of cycle couriers and track cyclists. The idea is that they return of force is better as the chain is fixed to the one cog, the mechanical faults are less as there is less to go wrong. Not having breaks is slightly crazy, as the only way you...
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    The Justice LP and Ed Banger Records

    Well, the live set by Daft Punk is very, very sequenced (though to be honest it only makes sense that it should be, as it is with Kraftwerk). I know someone who saw them twice within a few weeks this summer, and twas identical. Just to say that what they suggest is entirely plausible. Heads...
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    Record Shops are History.

    Don That appears that was the first part of a very bad turn of events for Fopp - and more apparent that it was an excuse to cut an unnecessary (non-core) cashflow drain. Friday every store closed to stocktake. Saturday they were only taking cash in stores. Sunday there was an article in the...
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    Record Shops are History.

    The rumour mill is in overdrive that there is either a huge restructure involving shop closures, or the complete end of Fopp. All shops seem to be closed for stocktaking today. It seems buying a chain that itself went bust (MusicZone) may not have helped them. No confirm on this, but lots of...
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    The Justice LP and Ed Banger Records

    As much as I have grown to like Justice, they are one of the worst for production that makes their music impossible to listen to at length. Everything is whacked up so high, it gives me headaches quite a bit of the time. Don't know about Justice being big DP fans (though it seems highly...
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    Buy Ladybirds!

    I had a plague of black-winged ones in the winter trying to hibernate in my house. I killed several hundred of the things.
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    People who buy massive job lots of CDs

    zhao - I am moving from one of the most expensive cities in the world (London) to one that seems maybe even more expensive (NYC).
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    Starting a club night

    Definitely research the postering side of things - it is a very feudal business, and by postering yourself you can accidentally get yourself in trouble. We narrowly talked ourselves out of a kicking when we did it ourselves.
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    People who buy massive job lots of CDs

    I am about to do similar, stelfox (atlantic move that is). Shipping is extraordinarily expensive, so my vinyl is going to stay with my folks till I start earning enough to move them over.
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    Pan Sonic

    Out in a week-monday according to boomkat.