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    Jackin' / Electroline

    Is this the most quintessentially Dissensian post in the history of the forum?
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    nah, it isn't.
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    James Blake

    it's not outrageous though, is it? i mean christ, is this what people are forcing themselves into getting excited about these days? maybe my headphones are fucked but there's absolutely nothing of interest going on in any of these tracks.
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    i think a lot of it is just a reaction to some of the tedious hyper-critical twattery he's had to endure about his work in recent years from places such as Dissensus (at times this board can become a bit creepily obsessive about him, like it's simply a place to come and dissect his most...
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    Trim - Soulfood

    i get the feeling trim just wanted to knock this one out and get on with the album. still a decent listen though. those couple of bars from his album he did for the UKRS interview are exactly the type off bizarre, messed up stuff i want to hear from him though, which is promising.
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    oh no! one article in the guardian and one thread on the internet is going to take down the whole scene!* twitter said so! *omg it's not a scene sorry
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    Notorious B.I.G As Role Model?

    Christ, what an arsewipe.
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    i dont belive in no evolution

    yeah, maybe just your circles...
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    The accents thread

    impenetrable geordie. anyone who wasn't born within a 15 mile radius of St James' Park has a very difficult time understanding anything i say, which can be a pain in the arse when you find yourself having to repeat your one-syllable name half a dozen times. :eek:
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    Wots Ur Starsign?

    yeah i've dreamt about giving myself a blowjob. extremely vivid it was too. gutted when i woke up.
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    hmm, the Doogz bashing is a bit odd, top 5 ever for my money and Axiom was one of the best releases the scene has ever had, but Wiley has almost put out as much quality grime in the past few months as Doogz has in his whole career - ryder dub, off the radar, where's my brother, angry garden...
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    grime tune ID

    Simon Sez - Shut Your Mouth?
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    christ. i'm no big fan of the MOBOs but this argument is just plain daft. firstly - there's been plenty of white winners of MOBOs, and secondly there are lots of "white people only music awards" - brits, nme, q, mojo etc etc.
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    Wiley's eski-œuvre

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    Wiley's eski-œuvre

    "lala lala, you're not faster, stop running up your gums to the master"
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    great old school insults

    on the abstract tip - "has your budgie died?" for those unfortunate souls who've outgrown their trousers. edit - according to urbandictionary it was because your trousers looked like they were at half mast.
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    bit daft to be accusing Bolt of being a dope cheat already. he ran that 10.03 time in his first ever competitive 100m, and his 200m time was under 20 seconds when he was only 17! so it's not like he's just become phenomenal in the past 6 months or so. he also doesn't particularly seem/look like...
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    bankruptcy of 'nuum as concept

    well, saying anything originated in newcastle is a bit of a stretch really, none of the music is produced there and few of the MCs come from there, and all the major events are/were held more the sunderland/boro/scotland way. it is a bit of a musical black hole really. and there's no black...
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    bankruptcy of 'nuum as concept

    yeah, this type of stuff has had a massive following in the NE and NW for well over a decade. makina (bouncy spanish techno) with crap MCing over the top is all you're likely to hear in schools in newcastle/sunderland/middlesborough. and there's not a great deal of difference between that and...
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    karadzic arrested

    Pretty sure the Serbian authorities have known all along where he was. New, pro-EU prime minister is sworn in and 3 weeks later what do you know...