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    what you currently enjoying ?

    i think i'd have to go with a few things i'm really enjoying right now: this wonky/dubstep mix via Ginz: this Lee Perry and the Upsetters UK singles collection via The Devotional Hooligan's amazing mp3 blog...
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    "Please Let The World Know..."

    those are the words of the doctor who vainly attempted to help this mortally wounded young woman in Tehran today Khamanei should be hung publicly for this
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    Celestial, Behind A Note

    my new e-chapbook is available for quick, easy downloading here:
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    awesome! thanks so much, folks!
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    ooops ill start off by sharing this, my fave :)
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    i havent been here in ages and im sure that there is a threat devoted to this subject somewhere in the archives...but i cant find it soooooooooo... im just discovering the world of podcasts and i was hoping some of you could link me up to some of your personal favourites thanks!
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    Space Collective
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    War in Pakistan

    iam fortunate enough to work with three people originally from Pakistan and they feel that some form of civil war is now inevitable tragic :(
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    what are you reading now?

    im reading Day of Creation by JG Ballard but i want to read that Thieve's Journal one now too :)
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    Issue 6 of The StarFish Journal... live as a PDF file and we have a new visual gallery that i think is worth a look...check it out of you like:
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    StarFish Journal Call-Out For Surrealist Writings

    i just want to let all aspiring Benjamin Perets out there know that The StarFish Journal, an online surrealist quarterly, is looking for submissions for the next issue please send all surrealist prose/poetry/visual art in the body of an email to: here's hoping we...
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    Blogs worth a look
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    there is gossip on myspace saying the same thing for whatever that is worth...
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    Canadia... what is wrong with you people?

    laffs! first of all, i get my smokes from the reserve...costs me about 3 dollars a pack...the "legit" smokes cost about 9 dollars dont even get me started on the beer...we have brands up here where it costs you about a dollar a bottle...and unlike American beer, it's actually beer...American...
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    General Strike on 9/11 spread the word!
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    Tech-Tard Question I Need Help With

    thanks folks, i got it all sorted out im embarrassed now by how easy it was :)
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    Tech-Tard Question I Need Help With

    i like to download music off the internet and burn it to CD-R...i dont own a personal computer, so i cant store it there and keep it indefinitely...i use a program called Nero Street Smart at a local net cafe to burn it onto disc recently i discovered an amazing net community that offers up...
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    Blogs worth a look
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    The StarFish Has Gone Live...

    shit! sorry, bad but you submitted two things to me...and i thought Cuntbag Barry was a little too similar in tone to the piece Noah Brown submitted as for it being sketchy, well, that's aprt of the surrealist ethos--writing that is unfinished, unpolished, automatic--napkin writing...
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    Son of KRS-One Found Dead, RIP

    just sharing some news here...sincere condolences to all his people is all i can think to say right now: