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    Karlheinz Stockhausen RIP

    He died on Wednesday, but it looks like it's only been announced today. Very sketchy BBC article here.
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    Military use of Deleuze

    Previous thread There's a thread in Politics about this article already [though the link in the first post to the Frieze article is dead; the site must have been re-designed]. While highly disconcerting - and depressing - is this really a surprise? At the very least a book as indebeted to...
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    Yo, Hermeneutics » default AfroFuturism thread

    Science Fiction Studies Science Fiction Studies 102 (Volume 34, part 2) is A SPECIAL ISSUE ON AFROFUTURISM. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the journal's normal focus the essays lean towards literature rather than music except for Is This The Future? Black Music and Technology Discourse by Nabeel...
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    Where is Kodwo?

    If you scroll through this you can get a look at the picture mentioned in that synopsis. Book Works has two dates listed for publication on the main site, both super-vague; - "2007"/"2008" - i assume that the catalogue is the most accurate...?
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    Where is Kodwo?

    The Ghosts of Songs: The Art of the Black Audio Film Collective Has anybody seen the exhibition (currently on display in Bristol) or read the accompanying catalogue (initially flagged up by nomos) then? There's a nice preamble/introduction here. Should we start an Otolith Group thread? I...
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    Good fiction involving music somehow

    What do you mean by good taste? Of all the problematic issues surrounding Gibson's usage of Rastafarianism in Neuromancer, I don't think the depiction of music is one of them: As they worked, Case gradually became aware of the music that pulsed constantly through the cluster. It was called dub...
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    Where is Kodwo?

    Kodwo Eshum Hold tight proof-reading crew!!
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    Definitely. I wasn't trying to deny the importance of chance or accident, just suggest that Req was clearly in control of his sounds and aesthetic -contrary to the Outsider Artist model mooted by michael: It seems unlikely to me that all those distended bass rumbles and muffled, awkward boom...
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    I reckon there's a good chance of this as his records seemed to be consistently marked down and on big labels with good distribution; this affordability and accessibility could (hopefully) lead to an unexpectedly large influence on the up and coming... Actually typing that out, thinking about...
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    Yo, Hermeneutics » default AfroFuturism thread

    Not evidence of a DVD release as such, but September's Frieze magazine has an article by The Otolith Group (Kodwo Eshun & Anjalika Sagar {& others?}) called Seven Songs for Walid, Christine, Tony, Rabih, Lina, Akram and Lamia, a list of "some of the films that inspire and provoke us... before...
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    (visual) artists making music

    wot... no John Foxx? Did you catch this series?
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    Penguin Book Covers

    Germano Facetti A Nazi death camp survivor, he changed the design of Penguin books and made images tell stories All this and work with Chris Marker too!
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    Where is Kodwo?

    Don't know if anybody saw this obituary of Octavia Butler by KE the other week - i only stumbled accross it today. FWIW i think the Tate Trienniel piece is fantastic, an odd film about Indian Socialism, Female Cosmonauts and evolution. Marker-esque i thought...
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    So Tough... by Saint Etienne has at least three tracks with a similar feel in texture and brevity to much Ghost Box or Position Normal, while the other more conventional songs end in blurred and chopped codas. Stop hurting me baby/I may lose my mind. Railway Jam is made up of tapes unreeling...
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    Steve Albini - mErKeRy

    <i>The Blackened Air</i> really stands up for me - An astounding record which sounds absolutely fantastic. Each instrument is placed immaculately. The Quiet parts are so hushed and gentle, the Loud tracks so abrasive and brutal. Ideal for winter listening, and essential i reckon.
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    One for the popists

    At least some of that discography predates Xenomania though; may as well include every Motiv-8 production. I guess this is how you get sucked in to editing Wikepedia :)
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    Age & Scope

    FWIW I’ve been thinking along these lines myself lately. For me there’s a tension between a voracious and inquisitive movement and a more restrained attitude - holding back, consolidating, minimising... Is change the only way to live? Is it good to be unable to properly retrace the steps...
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    Goldie Looking Chain v the whole of UKHH (minus R. Manuva)

    Following on from that I'm wondering if there are parallels between UK Hip Hop and Trad Jazz - a romance with a specific and time-locked style of Black American Music in opposition to less *real* usurpers and later variations of the same? But then would Northern Soul maybe fit into this sort of...
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    Homesick longing for the heavens

    Lately I’ve been amused/intrigued/bewildered by an evangelical advert on a few buses that reads Be Happy, Love God xxx It’s all pastels and typographic redundancy, and I like to think it’s from P K Dick…
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    Maximo Park

    c) *Maxïmo Park*. Is using an ‘ï’ supposed to be funny or clever? It's neither as far as i can tell; The typographic equivalent of an ironic ACDC T-shirt.