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    [Studio] DeVille Calippo Mix TotallyTropicalBass

    easy, working here, maybe try again. or go to and get it from there, thanks for looking!
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    [Studio] DeVille Calippo Mix TotallyTropicalBass Summer’s here, and some good summer gigs are coming in the next month (Z-Shed, East Village, Secret Garden) so I ate a Calippo and it inspired me to make this mix. Tropical bass for the sunshine mixed up with a few Senseless...
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    V&V1 StarkeyWarriorQueenKanjiKineticForiegnBeggars Out Now!

    Thanks to everyone who's been supporting these on here. Volume One CD and Vinyl can now be bought direct from us on the new Buy the CD direct from us and get four free instrumentals from the albums, DeVille - Click, Ghosttown - What Goes Around Comes Around, Sarantis...
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    bankruptcy of 'nuum as concept

    that set sounds big! can you post it somewhere when you get a chance. safe
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    Studio DeVille The Bass Rave Mix ft MC Dialect

    New mix is from yours truly, mixing up Senseless dubs with a tasty plate full of the best hotness from around the world from Leeds to Venezuela, Canada and USA to Bristol. This one’s on a no-messing bass rave tip, featuring the undisputed vocal talents of the man like Dialect (LS7...
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    Marcus Nasty

    has that footloose tune with the naaaaasty bassline come out yet? on his myspz
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    Marcus Nasty

    what I want to know is what this shit is, and where can I get it? I know the big players, apple crazy couzins, footloose, invasion records etc but where are the tracklists and what shops sell it pref online? Any help would be appreciated...;)
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    DeVille Bass Raiders Volume 1 GrimeDubstepBasslineBashment

    thanks man, might take you up on that!
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    DeVille Bass Raiders Volume 1 GrimeDubstepBasslineBashment

    Different Styles! Brand new mixtape flavours. Non stop turbo bass rave music. Grime, Dubstep, Booty, Bassline, Baile, Bashment. Contains additives and hydro-generated FAT. Download HERE Tracklist 1. Sany Pitbull - Tribos 2. Sinden and Counte of Monte Cristal - Tamborzuda (Acapella) 3...
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    [LDN] - PLEX - 20/04/07 - Ultradyne, B12, MANASYt, N-Type

    fix up ready to drop humanitarian bass-bombs
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    The Fix Up 09/02/07 JME, Skepta, Plastic, Oris J vs EL-B

    10 pm tonight gmt to lock in just hit the yellow sub the fix up is back on the digital airwaves tonight bringin you the usual crate stacked to top with fresh new material from all sides of bass culture skunkrock and deville mixin up dubs and live material from: EL-B...
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    Square Roots on Resonance FM

    jesus bob that is nuts, nuff fresh ting gutted i missed it
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    The Fix Up 09/02/07 JME, Skepta, Plastic, Oris J vs EL-B

    The Fix Up 09/02/07 RADIO HIGHLIGHTS TONIGHT The Fix Up Friday February 9 2007 The Warehouse, Somers St, Leeds 10-4 £8 Adv MOTD The Fix Up is back bigger and badder for 2007 starting the new year with a boooom at one of the best venues in Leeds, The Warehouse, with heavy state of the art...
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    The Fix Up Oris Jay/MRK 1/Chase and Status/Virus Syndicate

    Tickets Tickets are now available and selling direct from us on thefixup @ (no spaces) or from J Needles at Pusher in the Corn Exchange (Leeds). Again numbers are limited, don't sleep to long on this one.
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    The Fix Up Oris Jay/MRK 1/Chase and Status/Virus Syndicate

    Easy, repect for reching the last event. We have got a better sound engineer on board this time so there won't be any MIC problems. See you on the 26th..
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    The Fix Up Oris Jay/MRK 1/Chase and Status/Virus Syndicate

    Friday May 26 Buffalo Lounge, 68 New Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU Tickets £6 adv MOTD Available from thefixup @ NOW or Pusher Records from 01.05.2006 Click here for MAP Yes yes, The Fix Up is back. Fast bass music from: MRK1 + Virus Syndicate (Reflex/Planet Mu) The return of the...
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    [leeds] The Fix Up w Virus Syndicate/Mark One/Plastician

    The Fix Up Buffalo Lounge, Leeds Friday March 24 GRIME IN A STRIP CLUB The Fix Up presents two heavyweights of dubstep and grime. Manchester crew Virus Syndicate touch down in Leeds with the re-launch of their Work Related Illness LP on Planet Mu and their big, big new 12″ Major List MCs/Ready...