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    The Meaning of the '90s

    Beaming out the 90s
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    Will GRIME ever make it in America?

    Off to the bookies to put money on IG Culture for next year.
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    New R&B

    Misanthropy'n'B Aliah Sheffield
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    Larry Levan

    It was just a record he played, but it was rare so it got bootlegged. There was a series of bootlegs labelled as “Larry”, and people assumed that meant it was a Larry Levan edit because so few (in Europe) had access to the original to compare it. That early 2000s edit mania setting in, like it...
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    rap with IDM esque beats

    "This is for the online blogs..."
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    GRUNGE! Discuss

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    Youtube comments

    @farazsohailmusic 4 months ago Already playing this track in my DJ sets in a russian caviar bar in Dubai & it's got people grooving!
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    The best Basslines

    Best basslines in songs with Ain't in the title Ain't No Stopping Us Now Ain't No Mountain High Ain't No Love Lost Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit
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    The best Basslines

    This one?
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    Youtube comments

    @michaeln6312 5 months ago (edited) This is absolutely the best channel for vacuuming ambience. The way you get close to the blanket fort for awhile then go into another room, it's perfect.
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    New R&B

    Honey foreplay's overrated All that stalling you been doing's enough How can I make you understand it? You got me feeling like I’m ready to pop Äyanna has got something
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    what the kids are into

    Constantly switching beats up is definitely a thing right now, isn't it.
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    Timbaland vs. The Neptunes

    Neptunes had that one template that always hit - snappy swinging drums and a weird shriek noise or dissonant sound. Basically reimagining early rap like The Bridge or Top Billin over and over again on a Korg Triton: Their more filled out productions got way more hit and miss. Timbaland...
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    what the kids are into

    Double A Side "How about I introduce you to the CEO of my ass?" b/w "The Future Of Music Is Bleak"
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    children rapping

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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    Rap music still undefeated for variety Ayoolii - East Baby (ft. Real East Baby) Lord OLO & Khrist Koopa - Charisma
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    Bilal Salaam - Ecstatic Utterance SWORDLORD
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    New R&B

    You know I like thots I'm 'bout to pull up on a few in some white Crocs
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    Dumb N Bass