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    The next new thing.....

    Who is designed to sound old? Devendra? Joanna? Maybe. But, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Wooden Wand, etc? No way. If noise and drone haven't had matured over these last few years as it has, who knows what they would sound like?
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    The next new thing.....

    I don't think it would have been possible. Lighting Bolt wouldn't be the way they are today if it wern't for their Fort Thunder/RI upbringing. And Fort Thunder was completely dependant on 90's pop culture nostalgia. Taking that, and running with it through noise rock, krautrock, and even jazz...
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    The next new thing.....

    To answer this question, or even grasp it, what is this definition of "new"? The only logical answer, to me at least. is music that can only be made now. Whether that be because of technology or just time taking it's course on genres. Most music discussed on this board and abroad can only be...
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    chek it: Closest Full Moon of 2006

    I noticed this the other night, too. Looked amazing in the woods.
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    identity crisis

    Is there anyway you can change my name to Bunyip? I've had this one for so long, and use it for many other things, I would just like something else. One time deal I promise. Thanks if this happens.
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    web hosts you can unreservedly recommend

    I would recommend A Small Orange. It's been good so far - can't think of a time when they were down. They have a nice community forum, too. It's not the cheapest out there, but, you get what you pay. Give it a look.
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    Ever seen a badger doing star jumps?

    Somehow your avatar goes creepily well with this thread.
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    Talking Heads vs Sonic Youth

    Definitely Sonic Youth. Believe me, there's more "noise bands w/guitars" that jack them than than anyone......ever. :eek:
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    BOREDOMS reissues

    What? I didn't hear about this one. Doing a quick search, I can't find it anywhere either.
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    BOREDOMS reissues

    "Super Roots 3 (1994), consisting of one 33 minute track, and Super Roots 5 (1995) consisting of one 64 minute track, will come first, followed quickly by the release of Super Roots 6 (1996), previously released in the US by Reprise but now out of print, and the singles and remixes found on...
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    Music Mags

    Has anyone mentioned Arthur? Some great stuff in there...
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    PROG ROCK- breaking news, gossip, libel, lies etc

    Someone, recommend me some Goblin. I've been digging the Suspiria soundtrack lately, but when it goes into the funk tracks I just get confused and start the first half over again. :eek:
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    download message

    If something like that is just popping up for no reason, it sounds like it could be spyware. :mad:
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    aim pages (beta)

    This is actually really really cool. The designs are fairly decent, (alot better than, that's for sure), and you can put lots of different apps in there. Plus, almost everyone has an AIM account. I'm impressed.
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    what is funky house?

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    David Lynch Thread

    I heard about this. Wish they would have put some extra scenes or something on the DVD. Instead they interviewed the cast, and pretty much everyone explained how they really didn't think it was that great and wish it were more like the series. You have to wonder if they even really respect Lynch...
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    blogs gone quiet

    Does anyone know whatever happened to That was one of the most famous blogs on the net for a long time and now it's gone. :mad:
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    HD Fiasco

    Oh well. It just seems too soon for the whole HD-era (HD-DVD and Bluray). People are just now converting all of their VHS' to dvd and dvd burners are just now going mainstream. As much as I would like better video experiences, I could easily see HD-DVD and Bluray slowly slipping into obscurity...
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    NME - state of…

    It's funny, I'm from the U.S. so I never even heard of the NME before I got hooked up to the internet. So for me, people have always hated it.
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    David Lynch Thread

    Can't believe there hasn't already been one of these yet. Well what's everyone think? It seems like I'm the only one, but Fire Walk With me is probably my favorite thing he's ever done. Basically sums up what I like about his films. It had all the cheesy dialogue that sounds ripped right out of...