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    New HMV website

    Whitehouse to Kode9 (and everything in between) Hi, As a regular lurker and occasional poster on dissensus, I was wondering if it would be possible to offer something in a professional capacity to the readers of dissensus? I'm working for HMV to recruit new users for a website they have...
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    best obscure Wikipedia pages?
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    either/or versus plus/and

    My take on it is that I think that the either/or is in decline. This is a difference to the history of recorded music to date. But, perhaps what's happening is a widening of the either/or to one limited by time instead of by identification or cost. Why is plus/and in the accendace? Because...
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    questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred?

    OK, here's mine, which is kind of ironic given the thread. I Know all the references in LCD Soundsystem's Losing My Edge bar one... something about having all the Niagra records on German import. I assume this isn't the Lux Nigra IDM label so what is it?
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    Rap & US hardcore punk

    I think both of them have a lot of cultural similarities even if they sound different . they're both overwhelmingly male musics, they are both obsessed with ideas of purity - of not selling it out or keeping it real and they both appealed to white suburban teens in the America. Lets not forget...
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    you had some stiff drinks-what you gonna listen to before you pass out?

    Iron & Wine Cat Power Kristin Hersh Something woozy and maudlin basically.
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    What went wrong with British music?

    I would argue against that. In America throughout the nineties there was a progressive spirit that produced new innovative strains of rock - look at lo-fi, post-rock, the Elephant 6 guys, K Records, Kill Rock Stars to name but a few. There were individuals, labels and groups that did do new...
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    Spooky Computer Loop

    I can hear the noises it makes as it processes stuff if I have my stereo plugged in up too load - high pitched tones and flutters. But, not like that. Sound v. cool though.
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    I remember it getting quite a lot of props at the time but was more into Vladislav Delay so it felt like a commercial foil. When I heard it was getting re-released it was like, OK, makes sense because it's so much like stuff that followed afterwards. But because it happened in v. much isolation...
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    The Real Boards of Canada

    Do you know which is the best from the NFB for hearing the woozy soundscapes that influenced the IDM duo?
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    If it was a rock group... A few things spring to mind... Pavement with added technology Simple Neu like motorik stuff - but one 70 minute album structured like a DJ set Updated Young Marble Giants for the 21st century Something that sounded like a third lost Neutral Milk Hotel album Like ...
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    cassette swap

    Oh go on then. I used to put all my mp3s on tape till a few years ago. Walkmans were/are dirt cheap for the nice really compact ones. Good design too.
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    Jackson's Remixes

    Don't know any of them actually. The one that was head wreckingly brilliant for me was the M83 Run Into Flowers remix. The album is pretty cool too. Sounds like it took a long time with the hyperactive editing. Reminds me a bit of Jason Forrest (who is ace too).
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    Throw out Sigur Ros

    It's v. good. Thursday afternoon and Neroli are tippy top too. My sister is training to be a massage therapist and wanted some non hippy windchimes background fare. I bought Thursday Afternoon for her which she said was perfect - as the sleeve notes say, music that is more like a painting than a...
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    indie versus hip hop

    I think the number of died in the wool indie kids is slowly declining. I certainly see younger people lacking the intense musical tribalism that seemed to much commoner in my youth, and there are cultural reports that back this up. However the few times in recent years I've been to an indie...
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    Dylan: I just don't get it, and I never will

    Feel somewhere between the doubters and the believers. Was never into him but recently bought Highway 61 Revisited after hearing a few tracks off it. It's good, but somewhere between the then and the now. Clever lyrics I guess and not a duff track on it. Don't think my Pavement records suffered...
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    Flying out on October 20th, doing Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, some small Japanese town I don't even know the name of (where friends live) and Okinawa. Are there any good modern art galleries in Tokyo?
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    Various Production

    Cheers for that, I didn't actually know they had their own website (dunno why - all bands seem to these days). I remember now, I'd seen one of their tracks on this mp3 blog... The bloke behind it reckons it could be Milanese...
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    speedy j's "de-orbit"

    Yeah, not many people apart from Carl Craig were using breaks at the time. Personally in the same space Carl Craig's Desire (recorded as 69) trumps it but nevertheless ahead of its time. Almost tempted to start a Detroit favorites thread. Has it gone away long enough to start a revival? :)
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    Various Production

    Apparently Warp, Skam, Rephlex, Planet Mu etc. are all chasing them. There was a website with some MP3s on but I can't remember where it is right now. I'll dig it out later when I get home.