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    The flipside to the list MPs-are-disconnected thing is that if you always act in the interest of an electorate you may be unwilling to do stuff that's of broader benefit to the country. It's all a bit theoretical maybe-it'll-be-like-this either way - the reality is more complicated and...
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    Tohoku earthquake fundraisers

    SOUL AID This one's a bit different cos you just download the tracks you like and flick a donation if you like. Techno, mostly. Bunch of UR related stuff, a nice one from Thomas Fehlman, Mock & Toof...
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    Tohoku earthquake fundraisers

    JAPANEASE - a 120 track electronic dance music project for Japan Guess it's what it says on the tin, streamer of every track on the site... Nathan Fake, Tiefschwartz, DJ T, Wolf & Lamb, et al
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    Hear the Singing Mice

    There were lots of articles a few months back about Japanese scientists cross-breeding mice that were known to be prone to mutation and coming up with singing mice.
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    Amazing Yugoslavian Monument things

    Intriguing monuments - some are astounding, I reckon, and it surprises me to see people calling them ugly. Looks like the images were lifted from this, which has some more background info / context / opinion...
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    questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred?

    Slothrop has really said the main points, but knowing connect_icut makes music I might add a little bit about what modes typically are... Think of making a piece of music by playing the white keys on a keyboard, but focused around E and an E minor chord. You're not using the minor scale, you're...
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    Tohoku earthquake fundraisers

    Something We Can Do Beats & dnb comp, lots of Japanese artists... Not familiar names to me, tho... except Brazil's DJ Marky (!?)
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    Tohoku earthquake fundraisers

    COMPassion An American indie/punk one, apparently. Don't know the acts at all, so no comment on the genre accuracy.
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    Do Brits make the best breakfasts in the world?

    I want to do laksa at breakfast more often.
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    Tohoku earthquake fundraisers

    And was pleased to see that Nihon Kizuna comp has raised over USD 20k so far. Total drop-in-the-ocean stuff, but, as I said in my opening post, if it's music you'd like to buy anyway and you're giving money you otherwise wouldn't, I don't see that there's harm in supporting these things...
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    Tohoku earthquake fundraisers

    Kompakt Benefit Compilation For Japan House, techno, ambient from labels distributed by Kompakt - Lawrence, Michael Mayer, Efdemin, etc. Benefit for the Recovery in Japan Ambient / post-rock / experimental / whatever - Fennesz...
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    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    I'm sure he says "muslamic rape gangs" Next line is "there's 15 year olds getting raped and everything"...
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    Actioning a blue-skies approach outside the box

    Haha, I never get sick of that site, I have to say. The thing that's so killer about it is it is pretty bang on. You probably could copy and paste something from there and spin some further yang about it and get away with it. I reckon so, anyway.
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    Called a garage yesterday and the sales drone on the other end opened with ... not "Hello" or "Good afternoon" ... but "HAVING A GREAT DAY HERE AT [X]! My name is [y], how may I help you today?" I called back later and got the same thing, they obviously all do it.
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    Man, the faces he pulls in this video. Second chorus from about 1.40...?
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    Great opening post, what happened here?
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    Tohoku earthquake fundraisers

    Thought it might be worth sharing albums etc. as we come across things? Nihon Kizuna This one's 50 tracks of beats/bass stuff, almost 4 hours!? Kode 9, On Ra, Om Unit, Slugabed, heaps of JP stuff I hadn't heard before, etc.... For Nihon This one's not out yet, but...
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    Organizing your Music (Non i-Tunes users)

    Just to be a bit more explicit, one of the things I love most about foobar2000 is that you can use tags / metadata to change the folder & file names and vice versa. There's this internal syntax using those % signs either side of names to describes fields or properties, including %filename% or...
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    Organizing your Music (Non i-Tunes users)

    Yeah, foobar can, if you've got everything consistent all the way down to the file names. Select all your tracks in foobar, alt+enter to bring up properties. Right-click anywhere in the properties window, choose Automatically Fill Values. In the pattern box put in this (based on what you wrote...
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    Organizing your Music (Non i-Tunes users)

    I meant to say, in Foobar you can actually get it to automatically rearrange all your files into folders based on the tags. So if your tags are alright you don't have to muck around with dragging and dropping stuff out of your big year buckets. On the other hand, if you're just interacting...