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    After Shock recordings

    My bad, just seen he produced "How We Livin" on Kano's LP. However thats still only one production on a major album. I think Aftershock is the best label to come from the grime scene in terms of quality and quantity of releases.
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    After Shock recordings

    What albums has he produced on? I haven't heard anything on Kano, Roll Deep, Dizzee, Lethal albums unless he changed his sound for them.
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Long time no speak people! Thought i'd get involved again as I just listened to "The Plastician" on Radio One for the first time. Must say it was a good show, hopefully a few more like that and Radio One will place grime on their weekly rotation instead of it's slot on their Residency...
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    Great recent r&b gems

    Check out Ne-Yo - So Sick, thats a nice one
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    Anyone have a link for Skepta set from last week?

    The set with Skepta and Plasticman - all the links I have found are dead. The tracklisting looks tasty, haven't heard plasticman since the rinsessions cd either.
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    Run the Road 2

    The problem I have with the Run The Road comps is that the people putting them together are picking out the most hip hop sounding grime possible. Some of the tracks are good - I like the Bearman track for it's energy levels. The Mizz Beats track is also brilliant (but again very...
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    Murkleman Video

    Fantastic video, thanks Logan
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    2005's Best Urban Hip-Hop?

    Loving 50 Cent this year. also feeling Mike Jones and Ciara has been quite entertaining, alongside Missy Elliot who can't make a bad record.
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    Skream - Late Nite Request Line

    Can't believe how long ago I posted this now - the summer has flown away! Just picked this up from Juno, can't wait to play it!
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    Who's better...

    Plasticman vs Plastikman :cool:
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    Incident at FWD>> - What happened?

    It wasn't as bad as you make it sound. I was inside til the end of Geeneus set (which was perhaps the best set i've heard @ FWD), as I left there was a lot of commotion and I saw an ambulance and some police cars. As far as I know the doors didn't get rushed at all. The vibe wasn't moody in...
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Thanks for this thread! Having spent 3 months in Bolivia (I know) I have missed out on much of the grime scene's recent movements. I just copped the Young Dot E.P. and it is absolutely "shower".
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    against all oddz

    I thought he produced the title track "against all odds" - the one where the chorus goes leave me alone.....
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    wiley, plasticman @ 93 feet east - this sat

    Looking forward to this one. Is it the first time the two have performed together?
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    beezy and plasticman

    Awesome show this was... Beezy is really different, he's kind of weird almost as if his flow doesn't suit the music, but in a weird way that makes him sound even better on it! Plasticman played some fucked up tracks. Anyone heading down to 93 Feet East tonight?
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    Lethal B - Against All Odds

    Anyone else hear this on Logan's show last night?? It's the first track on there. Definitely the best I've heard from Lethal, very deep. Nice singing too - GET ME!!!
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    Run The Road 2

    Run The Road 2 is finished..... Can't wait to see a tracklist. I really hope they venture outside East London this time!
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    what are your favourite grime slang terms?

    Correct Logan! He seems to have got the definition confused with that of "Re-Bore" which is exactly what he thought borer meant
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    Lord of the Decks 3

    I thought it was`wicked how a lot of the people being interviewed made it public that getting signed is not always essential. Thats a good look for the scene as a credible underground music genre.
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    Plasticman interview

    Kinda felt sorry for the guy when I read this.... Seems a bit like he's out of the loop in the uk's grime scene.