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    World cup predictions rant

    ok, this is how things are going to happen: england will not be able to beat sweden in the group phase and consequently end up in second place, which means they'll face germany in the first knock-out game. and i'm afraid that will be the end of their campaign. ;) germany have a realistic...
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    nme's top 100 british albums of all time

    a bit obvious maybe, but there's absolutely no point in putting oasis ahead of the beatles.
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    paramilitary fashion - rant

    well, the current popularity of military styles in mainstream culture might be linked with a increasing "militarization" of the political and social sphere - i agree with that... ...but when it comes to subcultural dress codes, the meanings of military apparel are of a much more complex nature...
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    D&G (Dub'n'Grime)

    a likkle mashup of dubstep and grime tunes. forget r'n'g, here's d&g! no dubs or exclusives, just already released material... get it from here or from there. Tracklist Kode 9 + The Space Ape: "Kingstown" (Hyperdub 003) Alter Ego: "Rocker [Plasticman rmx]" (skint 103x) Lady Sovereign: "9 to 5...
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    la chappelle h and m feature ad

    it's a " romeo & juliet" adaptation as a musical/music video in the typical dlc aesthetics... romeo dies in a drive-by shooting... can't quite remember all of it, but it is really horrible!
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    hip-hop, where to begin?

    that's my word! --> some random thoughts: i've always loved the "i'm only nineteen but my mind is older" line - despite the fact that this line describes the experience of growing up too fast in a "rough" nyc neighbourhood, it carries a mood i think any teenager who is going through some...
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    cassette swap

    reminder just 3 days to go! sign up, you lot! ;)
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    cassette swap

    the easiest thing way would be if you - as the initiator - would collect the addresses of those who want to participate, i.e. anyone who wants to take part would have to send you a p.m. containing his/her details (maybe you would have to set up a deadline...). then you could perform some kind of...
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    ace Plasticman mix at Blackdown

    this one is also available at lioness' blog - called "Plasticman Promo Mix CD (Aug 05)... ;)
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    sabres of paradise wilmott

    lovin the melody as well... (big up jed_ for the info) there are two other re-interpretations i know of: one by norman cook under his pizzaman moniker (you surely know this one - "magic carpet ride (son of wilmot mix)" - kinda dub meets acid meets spaghetti western style), the other one is...
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    Berlin - whither should I go?

    @ baboon: you should expect to pay 10 Euros at the bigger clubs (like e.g. Berghain, WMF, Maria and so on), smaller venues with not-so-famous DJs should take fees around 5...
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    Berlin - whither should I go?

    Ostgut has changed its name and venue: it's now called Berghain and as it features Kompakt's Tobias Thomas on saturday, this should be the right choice for you. Maria might also be worth a try. As far as weird places go, you should really check out Bar 25 on the Spree waterfront, which is a...