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    Ted Chiang

    DOH! was up for it in 2004, didn't win. :o
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    Cheese. the rival thread.

    What's the cheese with the live maggots? One of my mates turned up to work with some, was spooning it into his gob.... vile. But the maggots had long-since left. How he got it through customs I'll never know. Got it... Casu Marzu.
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    That appears to be the mother lode. Wow, Holy Ghost are up on there as well. Got to have a bit of that, I hadn't even heard of them since about 1992.
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    Ted Chiang

    Hi, I've had a very strong recommendation for the following book from a friend: Ted Chiang - Stories of Your Life and Others Now before I spend my hard-earned book tokens on it, has anyone heard of it? Now reading the closing chapters of David Mitchell's 'Cloud Atlas' - I wasn't sure at...